Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sidelined again with Multiple Sclerosis

Today is a day that has become all too common over the last few years.  A little over 3 years ago I would've told you that my wife's MS wasn't affecting her daily activities much.  We were living in Colorado, she was walking fine, working full time, and we were trying to figure out what the next phase of our life would be.  We jumped into a new business in Denton, Tx, and moved into a home less than 10 years old in a great neighborhood.  Life was hard as we established a new business from the ground up, but we noticed over time that my wife's health was not cooperating.  Little did we know that the next year and half would be a journey of us trying to figure out how to help my wife as she lost feeling in her left side and started having more and more issues we thought were MS related.

We tried all kinds of things while we were in Dallas/Fort Worth, but we couldn't seem to find anything that helped my wife with her numbness, fatigue, foggy brain, stomach issues or walking issues.  Honestly, it was crazy frustrating because she had done so well for years and then BAM, new issues and new Multiple Sclerosis problems.  That's one of the things that's so frustrating with MS, it can rear it's ugly head out of nowhere and then the next journey begins to figure out how to combat it.  The shock came when we figured out that her health issues had something to do with our environment after they disappeared while on a cruise.

Why is today just another common day?  Because my wife's health once again has sidelined her and neither one of us know why.  Out of nowhere last night her stomach started hurting and she's had stomach pain most of the night and morning.  We know that this is related to her bowel issues and lack of bowel movements, just like all of the other times issues like this have happened thru the years.  Yes, we know that it's her gut that's causing this issue but it's soooo frustrating that we haven't been able to find a solution.  We've tried all kinds of different things, met with experts, researched and have been told over and over that this blah, blah, blah will definitely fix the issue.  If you've struggled with MS for long, my guess is you've heard the same spill too.

What I do know is we feel like we're getting closer to figuring out what has been causing the issues over the last 3 years.  We do know that mold was definitely present and affecting her health while we were in Denton.  What's crazy is when we moved her health didn't really get better, unlike the cruise we went on.  It's like a puzzle that we only have certain pieces to but we can't see the finished puzzle.  I do feel like we're getting closer with a new Dr we are seeing and some new treatment she's been receiving.  One of those is Clear Mind which I'll be writing about soon.  It's been amazing to see how much it's helped her with her memory and brain fog.  We're also learning about some other issues that have shown themselves that I'll be sharing soon, and hopefully the solutions we've found to them.

Blogging about MS has been on the backburner for me for the last year or so, especially as our online business has exploded.  So many areas of our life are better than they've ever been, but there's nothing like having your health.  2016 has been a wild year learning about proper nutrition, trying to find a Doctor that had the skills and knowledge we were looking for, struggling thru new recipes and foods we weren't used to, and trying to keep up as our business grew at a rapid pace.  I really feel like 2017 is going to be a life changing year, giving us new treatments, new revelations and my hope and prayer is better health for my wife.  Thank you all so much for continuing to read about our crazy life, and I'll do my best to write more as we try and experience new treatments and things that help my wife's MS!  Merry Christmas!

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