Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stomach Pain with Multiple Sclerosis

Well, we had a rough few weeks after our juice cleanse. My wife became sick with bronchitis and struggled getting over it for weeks so we weren't as constant with the juice as we would have liked after the initial 6 days. Now we are trying to juice once or twice each day and then eat healthy meals. There are days like today that we just couldn't make that happen, but for many days we have been able to juice and eat well.

One thing we did notice when we started juicing is that my wife's stomach issues went away. She didn't have a single upset stomach or any issues at all when we were juicing, or even after we were juicing until yesterday. Last night we went out to eat and we are not exactly sure what caused it, but she was sick for about an hour after we came home. She was extremely frustrated because it had been weeks since she had dealt with any kind of stomach issues, and it had been a nice break from the nausea and pain.

We know the juicing was good for both of us, but we didn't expect the stomach issues to end while we were doing it. I know we both felt better, had more energy, and were able to sleep better at night when we were juicing everyday, all day. So, this is one more opportunity for us to learn and grow in our knowledge of how our bodies work. My wife is trying to incorporate more juice into her diet to see if that will keep the stomach issues from ruining more meals. It can be so frustrating to eat a great meal and within minutes or hours, she will get sick and have to run to the bathroom multiple times before her stomach will finally feel better. This was just another reminder of how important it is to eat healthy and put nutritious food into our bodies. This is something we can control that directly affects daily living with MS.