Sunday, April 27, 2014

Figured Out Why My Wife Was Dragging Her Leg With MS

Over the last few weeks my wife has been dealing with leg issues due to her MS.  Her legs weren't hurting or painful, but they weren't working right and were cold and partially numb.  I wrote a post the other day about finding a new Chiropractor.  If you haven't read the post, you can read it by clicking here.  The first visit to this new Chiropractor I figured out why she had been dragging her leg.  The Dr. was putting her through an initial exam and when she checked her leg length her right leg was literally an inch longer than her left.  No wonder it was dragging!

Our new Chiropractor adjusted her hips and for the first few days she really struggled because her body had been out of alignment for so long.  After a few more visits she is now doing really well and can actually lift her right leg.  For days she couldn't lift her leg high enough to even put her shoe on, but now she is able to raise it almost as high as her left.  Every day she is walking better, moving better and all of the cold issues along with the numbness are now gone.  It still amazes both of us how her alignment affects so many different things in her body, and how easily it can be fixed with an adjustment. 

Over the years we've heard all the advice about how my wife's MS must be progressing and how this is just a part of the natural progression that she would lose functions and have issues.  We will continue to push back against this thought process and not accept that my wife's health is going to become worse, and continue to find ways to help my wife feel better and have more control over her MS.  So far we have found some very specific things that help my wife and we continue to learn more everyday.  I would encourage anyone else that has MS to listen to your body, and look for treatments you feel comfortable with.  That's what we've done, and we've had success.  Most people don't realize my wife even has MS because we've found treatments that work for her.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Found A New Chiropractor For My Wife's MS

If you haven't read my last blog post, you can read it here.  Over the last week my wife was having cold feet, strips of cold from her hip to her feet and was dragging her right leg.  She wasn't having pain really, more of a numb/cold feeling in strips and areas of her legs and feet.  Her left leg seemed to be having more issues than her right leg, but she has been dragging her right leg since she started to have issues.  So, she went Monday to a new Chiropractor that did something similar to what we've done before but she didn't respond as well to the adjustment as she had in the past.  On Wednesday, we decided to try a different Chiropractor.

After searching for a Pro Adjuster Chiropractor in the area, we found one not too far from where we live now.  So, we loaded up and went through a consult and some x-rays and then she had her first adjustment at the new Chiropractor.  It was a little unnerving to see the Dr. check her feet length and her right foot was literally an inch longer than her left foot.  The Dr. adjusted her including adjusting her hips, which was causing the issues with her foot length, and she was feeling better immediately after the appointment.  We drove home and she was fine for a few hours until her right leg started hurting. 

She took an Advil and within a few hours the pain went away.  We knew that she would be "feeling" the adjustment since her body was so out of whack.  What's so interesting is watching her fatigue go away and the feeling come back in her body after the adjustments.  Today she was much better.  She can still feel the issues in her hips but isn't dragging her leg and has had much more energy.  She will go back to visit the Dr. on Monday and we will see how far out of whack her body is by that point.  Just another day living with MS! :) 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Cold Toes and Legs With Multiple Sclerosis

OK, so it may sound a little odd but my wife has cold strips down her leg, and certain toes that will go cold from her MS.  The last few days she has had MS leg issues, meaning that they are hurting and she has numbness and a cold feeling.  The cold is a stripe down the side of her leg from her hip to her toes.  It's really strange and when this happens she struggles to stay warm.  She has to either take a hot bath or get under an electric blanket to warm up.

We've also noticed that when these MS attacks happen, she becomes very fatigued and very emotional.  We recently moved back to Texas so we don't have our normal treatments in place, and are currently looking for a Pro Adjuster Chiropractor in the area.  We found a Chiropractor that does something similar but not quite the same, and after being adjusted today she had improvement but not the level of improvement we are used to.  My wife commented earlier that she didn't feel like she normally would after an adjustment. 

We have wondered through the years what a different type of adjustment would do, but we have always found a Pro Adjuster and she has continued to have similar results with each new Chiropractor.  So, after talking with others that haven't had the same results we have had with Chiropractic it has made me wonder how effective different methods of Chiropractic are on MS.  We know what has worked for my wife, and for me and my daughter for other issues, and we will find the right kind of Chiropractor in our area.  My wife has an appt on Wednesday with a Pro Adjuster Chiro to see what she thinks, and we will get things in place for her treatment.