Thursday, April 10, 2014

Found A New Chiropractor For My Wife's MS

If you haven't read my last blog post, you can read it here.  Over the last week my wife was having cold feet, strips of cold from her hip to her feet and was dragging her right leg.  She wasn't having pain really, more of a numb/cold feeling in strips and areas of her legs and feet.  Her left leg seemed to be having more issues than her right leg, but she has been dragging her right leg since she started to have issues.  So, she went Monday to a new Chiropractor that did something similar to what we've done before but she didn't respond as well to the adjustment as she had in the past.  On Wednesday, we decided to try a different Chiropractor.

After searching for a Pro Adjuster Chiropractor in the area, we found one not too far from where we live now.  So, we loaded up and went through a consult and some x-rays and then she had her first adjustment at the new Chiropractor.  It was a little unnerving to see the Dr. check her feet length and her right foot was literally an inch longer than her left foot.  The Dr. adjusted her including adjusting her hips, which was causing the issues with her foot length, and she was feeling better immediately after the appointment.  We drove home and she was fine for a few hours until her right leg started hurting. 

She took an Advil and within a few hours the pain went away.  We knew that she would be "feeling" the adjustment since her body was so out of whack.  What's so interesting is watching her fatigue go away and the feeling come back in her body after the adjustments.  Today she was much better.  She can still feel the issues in her hips but isn't dragging her leg and has had much more energy.  She will go back to visit the Dr. on Monday and we will see how far out of whack her body is by that point.  Just another day living with MS! :) 


AB said...

Now that you have found a good chiropractor near your home, things can move smoothly. I am sorry to hear about the pain she had though, but of course, that would be less and less with successive adjustments. My wife has progressive MS so I am not sure if chiropratic treatmentwould help?

Cory D said...

Hey AB, she is already doing better. We worked hard today prepping for our daughters prom and my wife is doing OK after all of it. We even walked 6 blocks to a nice restaurant tonight and she did great. A little slow, but great. My wife has been told she had progressive MS, then RRMS, then progressive, then RRMS. I don't know how much stock I put in those diagnosis. We've focused on taking my wife's health for what it is and treating the underlying issues instead of the symptoms. If we listened to the doctors we would've quit 10 years ago and my wife probably wouldn't be able to walk now, but we chose a different path. The docs told her that her MS was just progressing and there wasn't anything we could do but let it run it's course. We decided to take matters into our own hands and researched and after a lot of trial and error we have found treatments that work for her. I would encourage you to try a Pro Adjuster Chiropractor. It would probably take a few adjustments but as we've learned, it can change the life of an MS patient. Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your blog very much. After I read it, I always feel better as I have been dealing with my MS issues for 12 years and many of my issues are the same as your wife's. After I read your post on Bowen Therapy, I found a provider about an hour from me and have had over 10 visits. I have seen some good improvements with my legs and appreciate the information you provide.

Can you tell me why your wife changed to a chiropractor.

Cory D said...

Hi Anonymous, thanks for the comment. My hope is there are others out there that can learn from our journey with MS. I actually learned Bowen and was "treating" my wife but we noticed that Chiropractic made bigger changes in my wife's health than Bowen. Bowen helped with certain issues like headaches, issues with her legs, bladder issues and other problems, and we still believe strongly in it. With Chiropractic we feel like it makes a bigger difference in a shorter time. Let me give you an example. My wife fell twice a few months ago and she never was able to get over it. We even used a few different Chiropractors, but until the most recent one we knew that things weren't right. Not all Chiropractors are the same, and our new Chiropractor has been working to get her body back in sync. Her legs were literally an inch off and it's taken a few weeks for her to be able to feel good again. Now, her body is back in alignment and she is walking better. I don't know that Bowen would've been able to do that because the Chiropractor had to shift her hips because they weren't level. Does that make sense? That's the main difference we've seen. Glad to hear that Bowen is helping you!