Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tingling, Numb and Frustrated With MS

I wrote about my wife falling a few days ago and I have been worried ever since that it would cause other issues. Well, it has. We left town this past week to go to Albuquerque, NM, and after the first night we were there, my wife woke up tingling and numb on her right side. From her right toes to the top of her head, her whole right side had decided to lose feeling. Luckily we were near our Chiropractor, Dr. Kevin Atchley, and he was able to get us in for an adjustment. By the time we went to his office, my wife was limping and having issues getting her right side to function properly. She couldn't stand for very long, and had no energy. Dr. Atchley adjusted her that afternoon and she immediately began to feel a wave of "feeling" come into her arm and hand. Within a few hours she started to have more and more feeling come back, but by the next morning she was still not back to normal. Dr. Atchley saw us again, and was able to adjust her more thoroughly and again she started to feel the waves of feeling coming back.

By that afternoon, the feeling in her arm and hands was almost all the way back and she wasn't limping anymore because her leg and foot was behaving better. We are now in Red River, NM, and she still has some faint tingling on her right side, and is still having energy issues, but she isn't limping and has walked quite a bit around town without issues. She has been resting everyday, and is regaining the feeling more and more everyday. One of the odd things with this particular attack has been the numb feeling on the side and top of her head. Her head literally hurt from the issues this time, and she was very frustrated with it the first few days. Now, the feeling is back and the pain is gone, but we were very lucky that the numbness was on the side of her head and didn't move to her face.

I had a feeling that she would have issues like this after the fall last week, and I know she is extremely frustrated that she has missed out on things while we are in the mountains. Anytime she has had a "shock" to her body, like a fall or a physically demanding incident, she has almost always had some kind of after "shock". Sometimes it is tingling or numbness, and sometimes it is fatigue or bladder issues. This time she went numb really fast. Normally it takes days, but this time she went to bed fine and woke up numb on her right side. I know it scared her how quickly it happened this time, and we will be watching over the next few weeks to see if she continues to get better. We were very lucky that it happened in a place and time where we could get in to see our Chiropractor and get adjusted. I truly feel that Chiropractic has stopped and reversed her MS attacks, and has made living with this disease a lot more manageable.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tripping and Falling With MS

Today I had another scare with my wife. We were walking into Hobby Lobby after lunch and I was ahead of my wife and daughter. I stepped up on the curb and a few steps later I heard someone hit the concrete behind me. I turned around quickly and found my wife face first on the concrete sidewalk. She is not sure exactly what happened, but she fell and rolled hard on the ground. As soon as I turned around my daughter immediately helped her up and she was ready to move on and not cause a scene. She was embarrassed and hurting, and didn't want to stick around to see who saw her fall. I tried to make sure she was OK, but I knew that she probably wouldn't say much as she was trying to compose herself. She grabbed a basket when we walked in so she could use it as support and walked into the store.

She has a few bumps and bruises, but overall is doing well tonight. Her side and leg is hurting from falling on it, and her arm is a little scraped up, but I think it scared me as much as it hurt her. She said she was not sure if she missed the curb or her leg, or foot, or knee gave out, but the next thing she knew she was rolling on the concrete. This is not the first time this has happened, and it always seems to happen when we are walking somewhere in public. A few years ago this happened fairly often, but it hasn't been a problem for awhile. Today I think we were both taken by surprise at how quickly she fell.

The hard part about this isn't just the physical part, but the emotional part of the disease. Our daughter was pretty distressed after her mom fell today. She was attached to my wife at the hip at first, and my wife had to tell her to back off and give her some space. I know it is hard on our daughter to watch her mom struggle and especially hard when she sees her hurt. Today concerned me too. It stresses me when she falls or has issues like this because it usually doesn't stop for awhile. The fall she took today could cause her to have other physical issues since it jarred her body so hard. Sometimes the effect of a fall like this will last for days if not weeks. We will have to be careful the next few days and with a three week trip ahead, we may have to find a chiropractor to check her alignment after the fall.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

MS Is A Pain In The Neck

I find myself wondering what new weird symptom can pop up with my wife's MS. We have been dealing with this crazy disease for years, and have seen a lot of different symptoms that may be associated with her MS, but there always seems to be some new symptom lurking around the corner. My wife has had the issues with the electrical shock shooting down her spine as I know many MS'ers have, but she has had a new problem lately. About a week ago she started having issues with the right side of her neck. Her gland was really swollen and her neck really hurt from the pressure the swollen gland caused. When she would turn her head many times she would feel a pinching in her neck and would have to try and keep her neck still.

Along with this problem has come another strange issue. Her whole right side has felt funny since the gland issue has started, and her right shoulder has had soreness and pain. Her right side feeling funny is nothing new, but the shoulder pain is a new issue that we don't remember happening before. Sometimes the pain shoots from her shoulder blade and sometimes the pain shoots from her collarbone. When it happens, she has to stop because it really takes her breath away and she has to really concentrate to begin to feel better. She has been having cramps in her shoulder blades forever, but the shooting pain and the collarbone are new. Not sure what all is causing this, but I know the massage therapist commented on how wrecked her shoulder area is and how hard it is to get her body to loosen up.

I wish that was everything that was going on, but she has had another past villain show up. Under her arm she has an area that is extremely sensitive, and reminds her of shingles. She has had shingles multiple times before and many times it is in the armpit area. This is extremely uncomfortable for her, and it seems to come and go. So, she is having the cramps and pains in her shoulder and collarbone, and then she can't move her arm much because of the sensitivity issue. What a life it has been lately. She is doing much better the last few days, and I think we are past the main issues this time around. We are about to go on a 4 week trip to areas of the US setting up displays, so maybe we can find some time to just relax and rest. I know it would do both of us a lot of good.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Light Headed With Multiple Sclerosis

My wife and I are currently on a work trip to gather groceries from churches for our Children's Home. The average temperature per day is around 100 degrees, and my wife has had periods of time where she feels light headed and dizzy. It doesn't always happen with the heat, but the heat does seem to make it worse. The last few days we have been in and out of the vehicle loading groceries in our trailer. When she gets out and gets overheated, her body begins to shut down and she becomes light headed. She also starts to feel dizzy and has to cool off quick or have issues with needing to vomit.

A few weeks ago she went through a day or two that she felt like she was getting vertigo again. It really frustrated her since she hasn't had vertigo issues in years. She spent those few days in bed resting and trying to keep food and water down. We are not sure where all of this is coming from, but know that stress is a huge factor in it. The feeling of being light headed has really bother her since it is really affecting her day to day activities. We know that stress and a lack of rest are not helping with this, so we are taking some extra time now to allow her some downtime and time to de-stress.