Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tripping and Falling With MS

Today I had another scare with my wife. We were walking into Hobby Lobby after lunch and I was ahead of my wife and daughter. I stepped up on the curb and a few steps later I heard someone hit the concrete behind me. I turned around quickly and found my wife face first on the concrete sidewalk. She is not sure exactly what happened, but she fell and rolled hard on the ground. As soon as I turned around my daughter immediately helped her up and she was ready to move on and not cause a scene. She was embarrassed and hurting, and didn't want to stick around to see who saw her fall. I tried to make sure she was OK, but I knew that she probably wouldn't say much as she was trying to compose herself. She grabbed a basket when we walked in so she could use it as support and walked into the store.

She has a few bumps and bruises, but overall is doing well tonight. Her side and leg is hurting from falling on it, and her arm is a little scraped up, but I think it scared me as much as it hurt her. She said she was not sure if she missed the curb or her leg, or foot, or knee gave out, but the next thing she knew she was rolling on the concrete. This is not the first time this has happened, and it always seems to happen when we are walking somewhere in public. A few years ago this happened fairly often, but it hasn't been a problem for awhile. Today I think we were both taken by surprise at how quickly she fell.

The hard part about this isn't just the physical part, but the emotional part of the disease. Our daughter was pretty distressed after her mom fell today. She was attached to my wife at the hip at first, and my wife had to tell her to back off and give her some space. I know it is hard on our daughter to watch her mom struggle and especially hard when she sees her hurt. Today concerned me too. It stresses me when she falls or has issues like this because it usually doesn't stop for awhile. The fall she took today could cause her to have other physical issues since it jarred her body so hard. Sometimes the effect of a fall like this will last for days if not weeks. We will have to be careful the next few days and with a three week trip ahead, we may have to find a chiropractor to check her alignment after the fall.


Anonymous said...

your blog is amazing. i *think* my mom may have MS. she doesn't have insurance so diagnosing her is going to be difficult. keep writing. keep writing. keep writing. i'm learning so much. thank you. said...

it was reat to read your writngs, my boyfriend seems to have ms, i 'm confised and worried
and i am reading evry thing on web about MS.
hope u and wife feel the best evry day

Sanj said...

My wife has MS and I can totally relate to what you are going through. I found out in April 2008 when my wife fell and broke her arm on holiday. It is stressful not knowing when her leg is going to give way. The hardest thing I find is her not being able to take part in activities with my 2 young girls (7 and 3) as she is not very mobile, it breaks my heart as she was such a fun active person. She often feels like she is a burden, I find the key is to make the most of the good time you have and take each day as it comes, if you feel love for your partner tell them, if you want to do something special, dont delay get it done. General advice for anyone in a relationship I know but even more important when you feel the clock is ticking. You must also remember to take time for yourself as an unhappy husband, father is not good for anyone. I have found surrouding myself with strong supportive people who I can talk to has really helped. I went to councilling when I first found out because I could not cope and did not talk to anyone about things. I have learnt that no matter how strong you believe you are, there are always things that will break you down and you need support, dont be ashamed. I know have the same friends who supported me openly talk to me about other problems they have. In any case, please keep writing as it fills all of us with inspiration and makes me feel like I'm not alone, especially as a husband and father. Wishing you and you loved ones happinees always. Sanj (London)