Monday, December 3, 2007

MS is giving me a headache

Headaches are a common symptom for my wife. Over the years, she has gone through stages where headaches have ruled our world. Today was one of those days. She woke up stressed about an interview for a new business she is starting, and the stress got the better of her. I literally think Multiple Sclerosis waits in the wings for stress so that it can rear its ugly head and ruin your day. Her headaches can become so severe that her stomach gets upset and she can barely open her eyes. We have tried all sorts of things to remedy this issue, but we never know what will work from one headache to the next. Today, she tried a chiropractic adjustment and that helped to take the edge off, but she was still having issues until she ate and rested tonight. A few years ago she had a headache for almost a month. It would change in severity from day to day, but we tried all sorts of treatments and couldn't seem to kick it. I am a research fanatic and had been reading everything I could find about alternative therapies that might help. I finally found a post on a technique called Bowen Therapy. I called and found a specialist a few hours from us and set an appointment for that day. We arrived and were told that the therapy would be like nothing we had ever done. Her head was throbbing that day, so we could only hope and pray that this would help. I was able to sit in as the therapy was performed, and after 30 minutes of being treated, she was headache free. It was crazy how the things involved in this treatment helped that much! Not only was the headache gone, she had more energy and felt great for about a week after the session. I was so impressed by the therapy that I had to learn how to do this myself. I found a trainer in Austin that teaches and signed up as soon as I could. It was a great experience and now I am able to help her with a lot of different problems using the techniques I learned. I will try to spend my next post on Bowen and how it has helped our family.

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