Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Love of My Life

My wife and I have known each other for about 13 years now. We have had some very rough times and we have had some really great times, and I can truly say that I would have it no other way. My wife's Multiple Sclerosis has been a very interesting adventure in our marriage. There have been times when I wondered if she would be able to physically walk or pick up our daughter, and there have been times when she seems as healthy as ever. One thing that has rang true through all of this is that we truly are best friends.

I am a very distracted person. I like change, and I like new challenges on a regular basis. Our marriage has been a series of ups and downs and my desires for change have not helped to keep things steady. We have moved a lot, and I have struggled to find a career that really fits me. The amazing thing to me is that my wife has supported me the whole way. She asks questions and gives her opinion, but she has always supported me 100%. Recently we were asked to go back into ministry work at a children's home, which means another move and quite a bit of life change. We will be caring for three third grade boys, a sixth grade boy and a sophomore girl. We will be moving about 10 hours from our family, and we will be making a major shift in our daily lives, but we know it is what we want to do.

As excited as I am about going, my wife is more excited. She loves this kind of work, and is willing to do whatever for us to be caring for these kiddos. She amazes me with how willing she is to care for others when I know that some days she struggles to just care for herself. We are already beginning to pack and get things ready, and I know this is going to be another adventure for our family. Our daughter is stoked about the move, and I am so glad that I married the woman I did. Thirteen years ago I wouldn't have dreamed of all the adventures we have already had and I can't wait for more. I truly married the love of my life and we couldn't have a more loving daughter. Sometimes we get too caught up in MS to see that we have already beat it, and I guess the last few weeks have shown me all over again that disease or not, we can and will live our lives to the fullest!

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