Tuesday, April 6, 2010

No MS Symptoms During Pregnancy

I've been thinking through all of the different situations I have seen with my wife's MS, and one of the strangest was during pregnancy. When my wife first became pregnant she thought she was depressed due to the emotional swings and the crying. After about a week of that, she decided to see if she was pregnant. I'll never forget her sharing with me that she was pregnant. I was excited and scared out of my mind all at the same time. After we found out, she noticed the depression went away along with her MS. She had normal pregnancy issues like weird food cravings and morning sickness, but she didn't have any MS problems.

I think it took a little while for me to notice it, but her fatigue was gone and she generally felt better. We were both amazed at how well she felt and how she didn't have any numbness, fatigue, tingling, eye problems or other common MS issues. This always intrigued me because it was the most normal 9 months of our marriage. I have spoken with many doctors and MS patients and many of them have seen the same thing. So, why does this happen? Some of the doctors have talked about the hormone shifts in the body and how they could be affecting the MS. I wonder now if this has something to do with the vascular issues in CCSVI. Could the changes in the body during pregnancy affect the veins and how well they function? I have no idea, but it sure poses an interesting set of questions. Maybe we'll learn more as the research keeps coming out at the multiple Universities in the US performing trials.


peeperatiel2000 said...

It is great that your wife had no MS related problems while pregnant. During pregnancy is when my MS made its self known. I am so glad your wiife had no problems. I didn't Know before that I had MS (a whole other story) Snd I had the numbness, vision problems and other things. It would be very interesting to have studies done on this. I have read of another woman who went paralized for the last month. More research needs done it to this.

Anonymous said...

There is actually a lot of research on this. All one needs to do is Google search "ms during pregnancy" or "pregnancy symptoms and ms" and you will see all kinds of research. It is true that most women will not have any MS related symptoms while they are pregnant. I am in my first trimester and have never felt so tired. I can't find much information about the relationship between fatigue, pregnancy, and MS, but right now it's really hard to deal with. No other symptoms as of yet though! I anticipate a good pregnancy and a possible relapse afterwards, which is also very common.
I'm glad your wife did so well. I'm hoping for my own husband's sake that my second trimester is better :)