Friday, July 29, 2011

MS in Wichita

It's been a while since I posted, and we are now living in Wichita KS where I work as the CEO of an all girl's children's home. My wife's MS has been pretty good since we have been in Wichita and I think she is finally acclimating to the heat and humidity. Over the last week she has dealt with some headache issues where it hurts in her eye, and had some fatigue and stomach issues. These issues are more annoying than anything, and she has done very well with the stresses that have come from moving and taking over a children's home. This last week has really brought the emotional stresses as we have dealt with some girls that we took off the streets and gave homes on our campus.

Overall we have been very blessed and her MS hasn't reared it's ugly head much. Over the next months we are hoping that we are able to settle in and increase my wife's health. We will be searching for a natural doctor and continuing to along the path of natural health. We are excited to be plugged in and back in a city with healthcare options, and I know that my wife is excited that her health has continued to be good.


Anonymous said...

That's quite an accomplishment, ms alone is exhausting! I hope the best for you. Thank you for keeping us posted.
God bless!!

Bob said...

I will keep praying for you and your wife. As I told you before my wife has MS. I know of some of the battles you face, and will face in the future. May the Lord bless y'all has He has blessed my wife and I.

Cory said...

Thanks Bob! We are enjoying our move and loving the new challenge. My wife has jumped in feet first as usual, and the high temps haven't helped, but we always have high expectations and are always hopefull of living life to the fullest. Thanks!