Friday, August 9, 2013

It's Been Awhile

I didn't realize it had been so long time since I've written anything so I wanted to give everyone an update.  My wife is doing really well with her MS.  We've been living life and taking care of the Children's Home that I run.  She's had a few minor issues here and there and it usually has to do with her not doing the things she knows she needs to do like resting, eating right and making sure she drinks plenty of water.  Recently we spent a few days at the Rocky Mountain National Park and she hiked over a mile up to Dream Lake and did great.  It always surprises me how well she can do and how far she still continues to push herself.  Here's a picture of the lake that she took while I fished. 

We've met many people lately that have MS, and it always surprises them when we tell them my wife has MS.  They are also amazed that she's not on any MS meds or other drugs.  We are still treating all of her MS with natural treatments and she is still doing great.  We do have a change coming.  We are moving to Colorado to work at another Children's Home, and we are looking forward to the cooler weather and low humidity.  When we lived in Albuquerque, she had fewer problems than anywhere else we have lived so we feel like it will be the same where we are moving.  And, we will live 30 minutes from Estes Park where we can hike, bike, fish and continue to become healthier.  Life is good, and life can be good even with MS.  My wife was diagnosed over 22 years ago and she is still living life on her terms.  I'll try to write more often when we move because I'll have more time.  I have some thoughts I want to share on a few things that we've learned lately that I think could help others struggling with MS.  How are you doing with your MS?


DialecticBlue said...

I was diagnosed with MS in 1991 and took your approach of diet, positive attitude and exercise. I stayed away from all the medications the 'specialists' recommended. Except once when I tried 'Chinese Rat Juice', the term I gave to the medicine a specialist recommended. I had one injection at night and it nearly killed me. No more!!

I am currently fighting to establish that stress can have an effect on my decision-making. As part of that I maintain that stress exacerbates the MS. Then, lo and behold, I read this in the official pamphlet by the MS Society "MS: Its impact on your emotions and lifestyle"

Myths about MS

Stress was once thought to worsen MS, but research has failed to support the role of stress in either its onset or progression.

Another myth that physical activity was detrimental in MS ...


It was obviously written by some well meaning moron who feeds on people with MS to get his/her sense of purpose in life. The person points out in an oh so patronizing way (given the context). '... most people with MS remain active, involved and lead fulfilling live.'

Not if they listen to the medical profession and the 'experts' they don't.

It is hard enough without these morons

Hope you all out there are happy every day and staring down the MS.

Stephanie Collison said...

Physical activity is not detrimental, nor is stress, but it can aggravate the symptoms. The goal of research is to prove a hypothesis, and this affects the way in which any study is conducted, rendering the results faulty the majority of the time.

To answer the question as to how I am doing with my MS, I take it one day at a time. Mine is progressive, although I was lucking to experience a three week remission recently. Then, it all came back full-force. I do not let it get me down, but it has been difficult adapting to the the increasing interferences with work and life. Over the last few years, I have slowly had to learn to listen to my body and put my own needs first. I cannot do the things I used to at the speed I used to do them, my vision is worsening, as is the pain and headaches. I have frequent fatigue and horrible issues with my appetite. But it is what it is, and I do my best to follow the treatment and not let it get me down. I may have MS, but MS does not have me. :)

Miesa Murphy said...

Life is good. I have had MS for 8years now and I do not use medication. I was excited to find your site. Most people are shocked to learn I have MS. Today is my birthday and I woke up will Vertigo. This is a new symptom for me so I am researching to see what will make this go away. I usually manage my triggers.... (heat, stress, sleep) Now I know I should be drinking more WATER! I will add that to the list. Thank you for writing about your wife's challenges. It really helps to know I am not alone in this journey.