Monday, February 2, 2015

No Bowel Movements Equals MS Issues

OK, this isn't a fun subject to talk about but it's gotta be covered.  Literally the whole time I've known my wife, which is over 20 years, she has had issues with her gut and having bowel movements.  If you've done any research into digestive issues and disease you've probably found that digestive problems are linked to all sorts of problems with health.  Well we can back that up with our own experience.  My wife has gone as long as 3 weeks without a bowel movement, which isn't good for your health.  Almost every time that she's had a long time between bowel movements she's had issues with her MS.  All kinds of MS symptoms seem to pop up and we've noticed that as soon as she gets her digestive system working better that the symptoms start to go away.

Lately this has even taken a bigger twist.  She's determined to get better digestive health so she's been trying different things to have regular bowel movements.  Lots of fiber, laxatives, water, even meds from the Doc to get things moving.  For months now she's struggled with tingly hands and feet, which we feel like is a symptom of issues from a broken tailbone last year so she's very aware of her body and anything that's tingly or numb.  The weird thing lately is when she has a bowel movement it causes her to tingle around her mid section.  Sometimes the tingling comes and goes quickly, and other times she starts going numb around her stomach.  This is a really weird sensation for her and the first time she's ever had these issues.

We are still trying to figure out how to get her bowel movements regular, which we know is important for her to be at optimal health.  We finally figured out how to get her stomach to stop hurting after meals which was drinking Kombucha regularly.  The only issue with that is since she isn't getting sick after meals she doesn't eliminate at all most days.  So, we are searching for a new Naturopathic Doctor locally and my wife is also going to try Acupuncture soon.  We are excited about both of these because she is sick and tired of the tingly hands and feet.  I'll try to keep the blog updated as we try things and let you know what works for the digestive health and for the tingling.  Thanks for taking the time to read our Journey!


Anonymous said...

Hi my wife also has ms and has had bowel movement issues we found that drinking green tea helps alot hope this helps you

Crystal Nix said...

HI, I have had ms for 10 years but just got diagnosed this year after a major attack. I have also struggled with bowel issues for over a decade until this March. I also had a terrible problem with my breathing. Either way with everything that has happened to me over the past decade ( optic neuritis 2005, vertigo and ataxia 2007, and recently extreme spasticity in right leg and numbness from the waist down) I was in denial about ms until I finally had an mail and saw a neuro. Anyhow the neuro and I didn't see eye to eye (no pun intended ) so I sought out a functional medicine doctor. She advised me to cut out gluten, dairy, eggs, sugar, and red meat aso well as the foods that showed up on my allergy test. All symptoms from recent attack are gone and the breathing problems I have had for over a decade gone as well! I have a daily bowel movement as long as I don't eat an offending food. I broke down and had a slice of pizza with my kids one night and didn't have a bowel movement the next day:(. I don't think that was a coincidence. I do also run now about 3 miles a day...sometimes 4 miles. I'm awaiting results from candida stool test..if positive or negative my doc thinks I should do a candida diet for a while along with Diflucan and then nystatin. Has your wife been checked for candida? Sensitivity to mold is a huge indicator. ..have you guys read the yeast connection?

Cory D said...

Hey Crystal, Thanks for the comment! Yes we have recently done a mold and candida test. My wife has been following a fairly strict diet for awhile and we are looking at a couple of different eating plans to help rid her body of the mold. Thanks for the input, and I'll try to write as we get further into our treatment. Glad to hear you are doing so well!