Monday, October 29, 2007

Blurry Eyes

The morning after the vertigo hit, my wife woke up with a blurry eye. That is not what we wanted to hear, and we didn't know if it would go away with rest or if we were off to do another round of steroids. She has been blind in one eye fours times over the course of the disease, and that is one of the few times we use meds to help with any of the problems. She usually does a round of Solu-Medrol and her eyesight clears up. Her eyes usually start getting blurry, lose color, and then she explains it as her eyes going dim until it just goes dark. It must be really scary to go blind and not know if it will come back or not. I know that one of her eyes is still dim from one of these episodes. So, when she woke up with her eye not quite right, we both felt like we would be heading to the doctor. What we didn't know is how much the chiropractic visit would help. She had already had an appointment set that morning from the day before, and she was still a little dizzy, so we went in to see how much adjustment was needed. Her spine was way out again, so she was adjusted and within minutes of the adjustment her eye cleared right up. We had never thought about using chiropractic for her eyes before, but we have seen weirder things over the years. After her adjustment the dizziness was gone and she felt much better most of the day. I know how much it scares my wife to have problems with her eyes, and I could see the relief on her face after she knew that her eyes were OK.

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Kenny Scott said...

Steroids help some symptoms more than others, but the one they say that it helps the most is optic neuritis, so glad to hear it's helping your wife.