Thursday, January 17, 2008

ADD, ADHD or just MS

My wife has thought for a long time that she was ADD or ADHD. She has always had a hard time focusing on things and quieting her mind. Last night was no different. I woke up in the middle of the night to find that I was the only one in bed. My wife had tried to come to bed but couldn't get her mind to quit so that she could go to sleep. She has always complained about an over active mind that just won't quiet down and stop thinking. She finally came to bed and fell asleep about three this morning.

She is exhausted this morning so she just stayed in bed. We are very fortunate that she doesn't have to work so she will be able to sleep until she has to go and pick up our daughter. This is a fairly regular routine for us when she is having insomnia issues. We have spoken with other MS sufferers that have the same over active mind issue. I know that we have tried all sorts of things like sleeping pills, relaxing bath and massage, but when the insomnia hits, there is very little we have found to help.

She will usually end up watching a lot of TV and trying to take her mind off of things. Sometimes she will lay in bed and watch TV for hours and still not be able to go to sleep. I have noticed that she does better when she goes and lays down the instant she becomes sleepy. Otherwise, it is a battle for her to quiet her mind and drift off to sleep. If she has been overwhelmed that particular day, it is even worse. She will not be able to stop thinking about all of the things she has to get done and it drives her insane.

The ADD affects more than just her sleep. She has a very hard time focusing on certain types of tasks. She very rarily will read a book because she finds herself re-reading the same words over and over so that she actually processes them. I guess the odd thing about her lack of focus is that she has worked in an accounting office in most of her past jobs. She is very smart and capable, but she still finds it hard sometimes to stay on task because of her wandering mind. We have a good friend that tests for ADD in schools, and we asked him a few years ago about my wife's habits. He immediately commented that she has an adult form of ADD. I guess it came as no surprise to us, but we would like to know if it is connected in some way to the MS. Maybe one day we will know if it is ADD, ADHD or just MS.


Scott Hutson said...

Hello, You may be interested in my blog.

I would be interested in any sites you may have found answers or imformation about this. I am ADD and M.S. myself.


Anonymous said...

Your wife sounds just like me.

I never had ADHD. I have 2ndary progessive MS. I now am consumed by a racing mind and insomnia and wonder if its actual ADHD or the brain damage has caused ADHD symptoms.

I wonder if I will ever know. Any light you could shed would be appreciated.
Also, if she winds up using ADHD meds please let me know if they work.

Thanks, Michele

Jazzmgmt said...

Hi Michele & All,

I have a similar situation I grew up thinking it was normal as a child to have ADD symptoms but after a car accident I had a lot of problems remembering things the result of my MRI was MS and I did not want to test further with spinal taps etc.

I was just surfing the net to see if there is a connection between the MS and ADHD?? Sometimes we are the best doctors for ourselves.

I am going to the Doctor to see if I have ADD OR ADHD?? I am hoping I will be prescribed meds because things are becoming difficult for me.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Last week, after four very long years of recurrent symptoms, I was finally told that I am in remission with my RRMS (relapsing-remitting). However, my neurologist, who has posted webinars and travels statewide to educate the public about MS, diagnosed me with ADHD, and stated that research does support the fact that most patients with MS do in fact suffer from ADHD or ADD as well. I remember that over the past four years, my thoughts were streaming so quickly through my brain that I seriously wanted to shoot myself. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have forgotten an important event or appointment. My husband and daughter are always at a loss as to why I am always flying off the handle, and my moods can switch on a dime. And here I thought it was menopause lol - seriously, I was tested, and I am years off still. Your wife sounds like me; I have about 100 books in my home that I have finished and never completed. I gave myself kudos for finally finishing a book, after 20 years. Please know that you and your wife are not alone. And to Scott Hutson, I will be more than happy to check out your blog.
Best of luck to all of you!

Anonymous said...

I have 3 kids who are on meds for adhd and I'm pretty sure I have it too. I also have ppms. It all makes sense now, not going to be angry @ myself anymore.

Anonymous said...

So happy I found this post! I have 3 kids too and they all takes meds! I have ppms for the last 13 years. I wake up at 4 am and cant go back to sleep, say anything without thinking, have been cleaning my house forever because I can't keep it clean. I want to get tested but scared to admit to others that yes, I do have a problem.

Deonne Bethley said...

Wow that is so me. I have MS and was dx with ADHD last week. I think they go hand and hand because of the cognitive issues that goes with MS.

Cory said...

Hey Deonne, thanks for the comment. I know it drives my wife nuts that she can't stay focused on anything.

Anonymous said...

gosh nice to know im not alone with ms and now thinking adhd

Anonymous said...

Oh crap, is MS the gift that keeps giving? Wtf? MS, Melanoma, ADHD? Explains a lot thanks.

MørktLyst said...

Question to Anonymous on your statement "..However, my neurologist, who has posted webinars and travels statewide to educate the public about MS, diagnosed me with ADHD, and stated that research does support the fact that most patients with MS do in fact suffer from ADHD or ADD as well."
I would really love to know the name of your neurologist or places I can find articles or videos he has made. I also have MS with symptoms very similar to what's described here.