Saturday, January 3, 2009

Diet for MS

Quite a few years ago a man from Big Lake, TX was featured on the national news after overcoming Multiple Sclerosis using natural treatment. He was wheelchair bound and couldn't use his legs very well, and had tried conventional treatment and had limited results. After quite a few years he decided to try a Naturopathic Doctor in San Angelo, TX to see if he could help. The Naturopath used supplements, vitamins and diet to treat the disease and within a few months the man was walking and playing golf regularly. The news media ate it up and loved the fact that this man was walking after being wheelchair bound.

I have spent the last few years purchasing books and online material that claims to have the cure or treatment for MS. I have purchased online books from individuals in other countries and from MS sufferers. Through reading all of these, there is a few things that you will find that are contained in every one. They almost all talk about fish oils and the use of Omega's in your diet. They almost all talk about stress and anxiety and the need to control the stress in your life. They almost all talk about the use of a good multi vitamin and other specific vitamins that have shown to help MS patients. Many of the MS sufferers refer to a diet they followed and other treatments they used to remedy their problem. It is interesting that so many of these articles, books and materials all refer to the same things.

The very interesting thing about the man from Big Lake was he drank diet sodas everyday. He was addicted to them and once he began natural treatments and quit drinking the sodas, the feeling in his legs came back. If there is one thing I have learned through all of the years of research and talking with patients and doctors, it is that you have to eat well to get well. Every book and article I have read has contained some form of diet. Dr. Swank's MS diet seems to be one of the first diets out there specifically for MS, and his success rate with patients was astounding. Eating healthy is a common thread that can't be ignored when approaching MS. It affects your gut, nutrition, nerves, hormones and a host of other things that directly affect Multiple Sclerosis.

When my wife first started seeing our Naturopath, he found out that she had a leaky gut. In lay terms, she had feces in her blood. I still have the video from that first dark field microscopy of her blood. You could actually see the parasites, fungus, cells and yes, feces, in her blood. We immediately started a diet that included Mastica Gum and L Glutamine to repair the stomach lining and intestinal lining. We also tested her stomach acid and started using acid pills to create the right ph in her stomach. We learned that acid reflux isn't always too much acid, sometimes it is too little. When the ph is thrown off in the stomach, it really messes up the rest of your digestive system. My wife wasn't getting the nutrients or digesting her food properly because her digestive system was so out of whack.

The doctor immediately cut out the wheat and sugar in her diet and within a few weeks she saw her energy levels go up and her fatigue start to go away. She also had less pain and just felt all around better. She had also had issues with bowel movements before this. Once we were utilizing the diet and supplements she started to have bowel movements regularly. To this day, if she is not feeling well we go back to the basics and start to look at bowel movements and nutrition. We also started to treat for parasites and fungus in the blood. We also have the tape from the second dark field microscopy and it showed a huge improvement from the first visit. The feces were gone and the cells weren't clumped together. The parasites and fungus were showing up less and my wife could definitely tell that her health was improving.

When we worked at the Naturopath's office, this seemed to be the first thing he did with all of his patients. The gut seems to be the core of nutrition and health. When the digestive process isn't working properly, it really messes with the rest of your health. I have personally watched patients come in and just by fixing their gut, they feel 100X better. Two books that we have used over the years to help with a starting point are "Swank's MS Diet" and "Breaking the Vicious Cycle". They are both pretty hard to follow, but well worth the effort.


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Cory said...

Hey Stuart, thanks for the comment. Over the next few months I will be writing more information about our search for health, giving specifics about what we have done and are doing. You are welcome to post this story if you feel it will be relevant to your readers. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...


Do you happen to remember who the doctor in San Angelo, Tx was? I'm curious to find out more about him.


Cory said...

Anonymous, the doctor was Steve Hines. He is a N.D. that has a store along with other services still in San Angelo. If you have any other questions please let me know.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info Cory. Did you and your wife talk to Steve Hines to see if he could help her?

Cory said...

Anonymous, yes we did work with Steve for awhile. He helped my wife get her feeling back when she was numb for a month. We have used his knowledge and treatments since then, but felt like we hit a plateau after awhile using his treatments. He has some very interesting alternative theories about MS and what really causes the disease. I sent him the info on CCSVI but have not heard back from him.