Sunday, December 28, 2008

MS Remission or Coincidence

Over a year ago I decided to look around for a good Multiple Sclerosis forum to post some of the thoughts I had on MS. I read articles and posts for a few months before I settled on a MS forum that I felt would be open to alternative care and treatment. I began to post a few thoughts to see how it would be received and everything went OK. After a few months I started a post about my wife being treated at a clinic with IV therapy and other treatments. I received a few good comments on the post and then I received one that really puzzled me.

One of the readers commented that she didn't think that what we were doing really helped. She felt like it could be explained as the MS going into remission or really good timing. I wrote back that we had done this many times over and every time the treatment worked and my wife became better. She still wasn't convinced and it has bothered me ever since. Multiple Sclerosis is a very funny disease because it will go into remission. What we have experienced over time is that we have more control over the disease than we first thought. Over the years, most of the stuff we read and doctors we spoke with told us that we were really helpless and that the disease would just run it's course. My wife says I am stubborn, and for once I am glad that is true. I was stubborn enough to not listen and find our own truth.

So, was her MS in remission or was it a coincidence that she became better? If you ask her she will tell you that she knows for a fact that what we have done has helped her. If you ask her family, which by the way has an ER Doctor, a Pharmacist and an Anesthetist in it, they will also tell you that it has helped. We have all seen her completely numb and then up and walking after a few treatments. We have seen her in total pain or completely dizzy and once she is adjusted by our chiropractor, she immediately is better. I have watched her have bladder issues and after one Bowen treatment, the issues are gone. It is amazing to watch and most of the doctors are amazed. What is really amazing is how few of the doctors have ever suggested or encouraged any of the things we have done.

I hope and pray that more MS sufferers decide to take matters into their own hands and learn about the disease they have. I honestly believe that most MS patients could live a more normal life by taking more control of their treatment plan and options. There is so much out there that we don't know about Multiple Sclerosis but there are also so many things that we do. Once my wife and I started listening to her body better, and studying and learning, we started to realize that we could make a difference. Was it remission or coincidence? There is no question in my mind that what we have done has had a direct impact on my wife's health, and it wasn't remission or coincidence, it was treatment.


Suzanne said...

I have experienced the same skepticism from people because I am choosing not to partake in the chemotherapeutic medications for my Rheumatoid Arthritis (possibly Ms, as there is an overlapping of symptoms). The worst offenders of this are the established Medical community. I am under the care of a naturopathic doctor and will continue to be unless or until there is some clear and compelling reason to seek traditional alternatives. I'm grateful I have chosen to go down this alternative road, if for no other reason than it forced/motivated me to take ownership of my own body and health. Part of the appeal of the traditional route lies in having someone else "tell you what to do" and it was a relief, for a brief time to feel like someone "qualified" was in charge. Until experience showed me that the only person qualified to direct my care was Me. I utilize the resources that professionals and experts represent but the final authority on my heath and well myself. I enjoy your blog and would love to hear more about the specifics of your wife's treatment plan. (forgive me if it lies elsewhere in this blog and I just haven't seen it yet.) Best wishes to you and your family.

Cory said...

Thanks for the comment Suzanne. Yes, I've included information all through my blog about our treatment methods. We chose the same path as you, and haven't looked back. My wife lives a full life and most people don't know that she has MS. Let me know if you have any specific questions.