Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cold To The Bone With MS

Multiple Sclerosis usually acts up with heat. Many MS sufferers seem to have issues when they get overheated, and my wife sometimes is affected by heat when she overworks her body. The other side of that coin is the cold. She can physically ache when she gets cold, and it seems to take forever for her to heat back up. I have spoken with a few doctors and they mentioned something about core tempature problems.

When she gets really cold or really hot, the doctors have said her core temp changes and that it is much more difficult to regulate the core. So, when she becomes really cold, sometimes I will find her in a hot bath, under an electric blanket or huddled under a lot of blankets with multiple layers of clothing. Sometimes she will ache extremely bad. Once her core is regulated she stops hurting and she begins to feel more normal. This is very frustrating for her when she is having issues and has to turn the A/C or heat on high in the car to quit hurting.

We have taken many tests over the years for many different things and I have wondered what exactly is affecting her that would cause her core to change temp. One thing we came across quite a few years ago was a hormone panel. She showed the classic signs of her adrenals being shot and overworked, and many other hormones out of balance. She tried hormone creams to correct these issues and seemed to have some success with them. One thing the doctor told us about her hormones was that they were part of what regulated the water in your body. He went on to tell us that water can affect your core temp. When your dehydrated it can cause lots of issues, and the more research and testing we did, we quickly found out that she was dehydrated. I am not sure if this is what is causing the extremes in core temp, but I do know that it seemed like she did better when she was drinking plenty of water. For now, we will continue to keep an eye on everything and try to keep her from going to either extreme.

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