Monday, December 1, 2008

Leg Pain In Multiple Sclerosis

We have been fortunate that my wife has not had the extent or the intensity of pain that others have felt with their Multiple Sclerosis. She has had some pain, but it usually lasts a short time and is rarely more than a nuisance. Over the last week, she has had pain off and on in her left leg. It usually hits at the end of the day after a lot of walking or stress. It seems to run up the side of her leg into her hip, and just aches. It has gone on for a few days now, and we have a chiropractic appointment this week to see if that will take care of it.

While we were at our families home for Thanksgiving, the pain increased and my wife began to drag her leg a little. Most of the time she can hide her pain and issues without anyone knowing, but this time it was more evident than usual. The strange thing about MS is that you can be in pain one minute and not feel it a few minutes later. This happened while we were at her parents. She was limping and having issues during the day, but by that night the pain was gone. MS is so strange in how it can do that. She did nothing different that day to make the pain go away, but was able to sleep well that night.

The leg pain was bad enough that it had been disrupting her sleep. For days she had been taking pain meds and putting heat on her leg to be able to sleep. We are not sure what started the pain, but we are glad that it has lessened. With our work schedule, we are on our feet much of the day. We have been blessed that my wife has been able to work 24/7 at our Children's Home for 6 months now without any major issues. This has been one of the few problems that has occured, and probably could have been halted early if we could have seen the chiropractor.

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