Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Knuckle Pain

My wife has popped her knuckles as long as I have known her. She even pops them in her sleep! I will wake up in the middle of the night to the loud cracking sound of her fingers being bent in ways they probably shouldn't. Yesterday we were sitting on the couch and she made the comment that she wonders how many years she will have use of her hands. Her knuckles have been hurting lately and she is worried about the future. She says that she can't even knock on doors without it being very painful. Her knuckles do look a little swollen, and she has tried to quit cracking her knuckles, but I think a lot of the damage is already done.

My dad also has hand issues, but it is from Rheumatoid Arthritis. His hands hurt everyday and his grip comes and goes depending on how his body is doing that day. He has tried different things but the only thing that has really helped is a diet free of sugar and wheat, and supplements. The pain seems to come from the joints being inflamed. Where the inflammation comes from is the million dollar question. When we were treating my dad's RA at the ND clinic he had immediate relief from the pain with the Potassium and Magnesium IVs. While he is taking his supplements regularly and following the diet, his hands become less painful and his grip strengthens, but when he eats poorly the pain comes on full blast.

I am not sure if this is a temporary thing with my wife's hands or not, but I feel like much of the problem she is having is from toxicity in her body. When we worked with the Naturopath, he taught us about toxicity in the blood and how neurotoxins can affect joints and general well being. A true indicator of this is the herxheimer reaction. If you take certain supplements with certain conditions in your body, it can cause you to feel like you have the flu and are sick. We had this reaction when we started taking TOA free Cat's Claw. My daughter wasn't able to take but a few drops before she would start feeling horrible. The Cat's Claw is supposed to kill off parasites and critters in the blood which in turn releases the toxins and waste from them. The waste and toxins that are released affects your body in crazy ways. Once we started to detox my dad's body he started feeling better, and the same went for my wife. Once she began to detox and rid her body of parasites and other toxins, she began to feel better. We have become lazy with our diet and supplements and will begin a detox again to see if that will relieve my wife of the pain in her hands. Over the years we have seen the importance of taking care of diet and supplements because eventually it catches up with you. Right now is probably one of those times, and her knuckles are the precursor to what is coming if we don't start doing what we know to do.


Philip said...

My wife has MS also and it seems like we are growing farther and farther apart. She's been hospitalized since last Friday with another episode. I feel so helpless and sometimes; I feel like she just doesn't want me around. The strange thing is that it seems that it's only with me. She seems to not have a problem with others...our kids, other family members, friends. Communication seems to have diminished and I'm being judged for my every word,thought, and deed by my wife. We always talked futuristically about things; now it's just a "day-to-day" conversation. More of a survival than a plan. I am so frustrated about this whole situation...I love my wife so much and she is a beautiful woman..I just don't know what else to do...

Cory said...

Phillip, I am Cory's wife and I would like to respond to you. I do not know you or your wife's situation completely, but I can imagine the difficulty you both are having. I have been blessed during my entire bout with MS from the beginning. I didn't even realize it in the first few years. My parents were the strong ones from the get-go. They found the right doctors and searched for answers regarding my MS. I was then blessed in finding a husband who knew what he was getting into from the beginning of our relationship, more or less. He carried on the search for answers and I relied on him far more than I ever realized. I did a poor job of telling him how much I appreciated him. I never stopped to think about what he was feeling. I do know that there were times when I felt so helpless and alone. I felt somewhat sorry for myself b/c I didn't know what the future held for me, much less both of us. I know that at my lower times I didn't treat my husband as I should have either, sadly. I love my husband more than life itself and I only love him more and more each day because he has always stood by me, and I never doubt that he won't stand by me. I did fear the future and what it held for us - as a family. When we were newly married, I feared the idea of not having kids b/c I might not be able to take care of him/her. I feared not knowing if I would be able to walk or see. I know for me, the more I thought about it and even looked on MS forums, the more I got depressed about the future. From my experience, the meetings I attended were more depressing than helpful. I am sure there are others that are not this way. I just haven't been able to find one. I learned that I could only surround myself with positive things regarding MS. It doesn't have to be the end of it all. I do have my low times but I can honestly say that I have far more good days than bad. I don't dwell on the negatives. I try not to fear the unknown. My husband only encourages me and loves me. He encourages me to rest when he knows I should. I would just try to keep on going and going but would run myself down even more. If your wife is newly diagnosed, give her time. Pray for her. Pray for yourself. We tend to hurt the ones we love the most. It doesn't make any sense, but just keep this in mind. When you get down, I encourage you to pray like you never have before. I truly believe God can and will work miracles in our relationships, as well as other areas in our lives. I no longer fear this terrible disease we call MS. I try to embrace it and live. I know that during this time it is very difficult to not take things personally. She may be testing you to see if you are going to stay by her during this. She might not even realize what she is doing. I encourage you to stay by her. If you ever feel down and like you are just at your wits end, write us! We want to encourage you in whatever capacity you need. Times may be tough, but you can make it through. You both can.