Friday, May 22, 2009

Living Strong With Multiple Sclerosis

For the last year my wife and I have been working 24/7 with children. We work long hours and run hard every day. With all of the emotional stress, physical stress and mental stress, it has been a concern that my wife's health would cause issues over the past year. We have ran into some small concerns that we have been able to handle with a few natural treatments, but have not had any major exacerbation's. Not only has she done well, but her stamina has increased and she has more energy. We found out how much energy and how well she was doing on our vacation last week.

We started our vacation by painting and repairing a rental property we have that needed some work. We worked two days straight in hot Texas weather. My wife worked extremely hard without any issues. Her energy level and stamina shocked her family because they haven't been able to see the progress she has made over the last year. She had no problems with the hot weather and was able to stay working the whole day. After working for two days we headed on a 2000 mile trip that would take us to Nashville and back.

On the trip we didn't get much sleep and almost all of the attractions we visited required a lot of walking. I was even sore from the amount of walking we did on the trip. Even with all of the riding, walking and lack of sleep, my wife had no problems. I was amazed that she didn't have any stomach issues or numbness or even fatigue on the trip. She actually held up better than some of my family that went with us. Over about 9 days, we covered a total of 3000 miles, stopped at everything from Graceland to the Grand Ole Opry and walked until our legs ached.

We are now back at home and working with kids 24/7 again. It wasn't too many years ago that my wife would have had to sleep for days to recover from a trip like we took. When we came home, my wife slept the same amount that I did and she is still ready to go everyday. I have been amazed at her progress and am so excited that the treatments we have done and the choices we have made have led us to my wife growing healthier and stronger. Sometimes it is slow going but I am so proud of my wife for working through the hard times and continuing to live strong in the face of MS.


Jes said...


I just wanted to drop a quick note to you and your wife to say thank you so much for writing this blog.

I have been reading many of your posts, since finding your blog a few days ago.

Today I asked my husband to read it.

I am going through a diagnosis process right now, so we don't know for sure if I have MS or not...but much of the research we've read is pointing to it.

We are sold out believers, too, and have found your blog to be a huge source of encouragement.

We're also pretty naturopathic, so it's been wonderful to read what you have discovered.

I have an appt. with a specialist this week, and more testing scheduled over the next two we are praying fervently for some answers soon.

Above all, we pray that we will glorify God through all of this.

Thank you for sharing...blessings to both of you.

In Christ Jesus,

Cory said...

Hi Jes,
Thanks so much for leaving your comment. The diagnosis process can be very frustrating so please let me know if we can clarify anything for you from our experiences. We will be in prayer for you and your family as you work through this process.