Friday, June 12, 2009

Moving Closer To Our Goal

This last weekend I loaded a 24' truck and moved our family to Portales, NM to take a new position that would allow me to continue my education. My wife and I are exhausted but very excited about the new adventures we are going to have and the new opportunities. We had a crazy few weeks leading up to the actual move, and now we are surrounded by boxes and living in chaos. That's OK though, because we have positioned ourselves to pursue more education to help Multiple Sclerosis patients. My wife has done great through the move and has had limited MS complications even though it has been physically and emotionally exhausting the last few weeks.

Now that we are moved and my wife is not working full time as a houseparent, she will be pursuing a degree in nutrition to better understand how food is affecting her MS. She is so excited to learn and educate herself more on the intricacies of diet and MS. We know from experience that diet affects Multiple Sclerosis in crazy ways and can help or hinder a healthy life. So after the boxes are unpacked and summer comes to an end, we will begin to study and learn and make more sense out of our experiences and life lessons. Today we will embrace the philosophy of living life to the full and MS won't have a chance to rear it's ugly head.

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