Sunday, August 2, 2009

Gotta Go Right Now

This last week has been very tough on my wife. She found out her father was sick last week and then she caught a stomach bug herself. Our daughter then had the stomach bug and all the while my wife was stressed about her father's sickness. A few more hard days and a lot of stress and now she is having bladder issues again. The stress seems to have triggered the MS bladder issue, and we know that we need to take the time this week to have a chiropractic visit and for her to get some rest. This time has started the same as most, where she has to immediately go to the restroom when she has the urge to go. She can't wait or she may have an accident.

She has gone through this before but luckily we have stopped the problem previously with Bowen therapy, chiropractic and rest. She usually will start with the urgency issue then she will start to have less and less control. We know the progression so we will make sure she takes care of herself this week and begin the other protocols. For my wife it is as much an annoyance as anything because we have found a way for her to stop it and reverse the problem. Today was the perfect example with the bladder issue because she felt the need and had to run in as soon as we made it home or she would have had an accident. It was a "gotta go right now" issue.


Christina said...

I know what you are talking about!

Question: have you considered "supplies" yet? Any backup plans for when you are on the road and such?

I am just starting to look into this and am not sure what would be the best balance between ease of mind and dignity...

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Cory said...

Thanks so much for the comment. Sorry for the delay in response, but I wanted to make sure and let you know what we are doing. We have not really had to make any backup plans. For now, we can control the issues with rest, chiropractic and massage. When she first has the issues, we immediately get her to the Pro Adjuster Chiropractor and have her adjusted. Everytime we do this, the symptoms disappear almost immediately. If we can't get to the Chiropractor, I will use Bowen Therapy to relieve stress and she will rest to alleviate any issues. Again, this seems to work quite well and it was just a few days after this post that she stopped having any issues just by doing what I have told you. She hasn't had any problems since then, so I feel for now that we have some control over it. Please let me know if you have tried these things and if they are successful for you.

Christina said...

Hi Cory

Thanks for your response.
Issues have cleared up at our and as well. I think what we were dealing with was some sort of post operative relapse type thing possibly induced by an epidural.(..?)

Bowen Therapy definitely sounds promising, I've looked into it a bit.