Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cold Wet Day With Multiple Sclerosis

My wife and I live in a part of New Mexico that doesn't get much rain. It is usually hot during the summer and many days it is very windy. Today was not one of those days. Today was cold, wet and dreary and we really enjoyed the change. My wife normally doesn't do well when the weather changes drastically and she did pretty well today until it started cooling off this evening. As the day became cooler, her bones started aching and she started hurting. She had to leave class at church tonight and go sit in the suburban with the seat heaters on so that she could get some relief.

One thing my wife regrets doing during her diagnosis was having a spinal tap. The doctor convinced her that the spinal tap would help diagnose her MS so she went along with the procedure. The doctor must have messed something up because ever since this procedure, my wife has had low back pain where the needle was placed. This has been a major frustration for her since the procedure was not done properly, then her health insurance didn't cover it. The doctor was worried about my wife's family suing him because of this, but that is just not the way her family does things. We were still paying medical bills in the first years of our marriage that the insurance company wouldn't pay during the diagnosis.

Tonight my wife's back began to hurt very badly where the spinal tap was done. She used the heated seats until we made it home then she took a hot bath to warm up. After the bath I could tell that the cold had sapped her of energy so she went to bed early tonight. It is so strange how she becomes so cold to the bone that it takes a hot bath or heated blanket to warm her body back to normal. Once she is warm, the pain subsides and she is ok. Today the cold and wet was just too drastic from the dry heat we have been having. The rain was great but the transition was just too much for her body to take.


Living Day to Day with Multiple Sclerosis said...

Weather affects me too. Bone pains and skin sensations. However it's odd that we treat it differently. Heat helps your wife as cold helps mine. I find it interesting with MS that we all pretty much have a lot of the same symptoms and triggers however, treatment works differently. I guess that is part of why it is so hard to treat MS.

Hoping your wife has a better day!

Anonymous said...

My wife has MS
and me too!

sadegh ahari

Anonymous said...

I am Mrs. disease is multiple sclerosis. I do not speak English well. From you I like you Ms. Happy to be your care. Me your blog link on my personal blog I. From your early days with the news I passed. Sorry if I am wrong translation. My main language is Persian and I am not too fluent in English
You can read the partial Blog Google translator I use. Add to this that I do for multiple sclerosis in Iran launched a website and as much as I can from the information updated and new world view for the public and especially the patients we used. In this way Dygrm friends in different countries such as Germany and Sweden and to Spain, and even U.S. news new translation of this disease to work with me.

Live and be merry

sadegh ahari

Anonymous said...

I was diagnosed with MS in 1978 by Dr. Swank...what a blessing he was to me. I had many symtoms that your wife has. The Drs made me think I was crazy with all the pain, loss of vision, double vision and extreme fatigue. I have follow Dr. Swanks low fat diet for 31 years this month and have done pretty well. I hold a full time job and am very active. At 59 years of age I thought I never would be able to accomplish what I have. Keep on the diet and rest when needed!