Friday, July 3, 2009

Feeling Exhausted With Multiple Sclerosis

This past week we enjoyed a family encampment at Red River, NM. The air was clean, the temperature was great and the mountains were beautiful, but my wife was exhausted from the moment we arrived. This was one of those times when my wife was truly frustrated. We were at the encampment to work and tell others about the programs we offer at the Children's Home, but she found herself resting more than working. She was able to fulfill her work obligations, but she wasn't able to participate in a lot of the fun activities.

We arrived at Red River Sunday afternoon and she was already tired after a full day of me preaching and then driving six hours. I could tell she needed some good rest then, but we participated in the evening activities before we were able to rest. The next day she found herself exhausted and she knew she needed to rest or have MS problems. She was able to sleep some, then do a few things, but she never fully recovered. She also developed a severe headache which complicated things. She hasn't had a headache that severe in months, and the pain put her in bed for the evening. The headache had let up by the next morning, but would linger for most of the next day.

It seems like all it takes is a night or two of poor sleep for her to really be affected. She didn't sleep very well in Red River so we know that didn't help her recoup. She could also tell that she needed a chiropractic adjustment. It is amazing how important it is to have a good bed to sleep on when we take trips and how important it is to stay in some kind of a routine. Poor sleep, a lack of routine and already being tired before we went on the trip made for a long first few days but she was able to enjoy the trip after some much needed rest.


Stuart said...

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Kat said...

You sound like a very caring, informed husband. Your wife is very blessed to have you. I tell my husband I am exhausted and he doesn't even step up or recognize it. So I feel like I am whining about it. And with getting into running 5Ks since November, I am been overwhelmed with fatigue at times until the point I cry about it. I will pray for your wife and family.

Cory said...

Thanks Kat. I'm sorry to hear about your fatigue. I know fatigue can be a real downer for my wife.