Monday, September 28, 2009

Change Of Season Brings On The Pain

The weather in Eastern New Mexico has been changing and fall seems to be here. We have had cool days and nights and lots of moisture. Usually this time of year plays havoc with my wife's MS. When the weather starts to change it seems to stir up her leg issues and pain issues in her body. It is almost like arthritis that hurts when a storm is coming. She will be doing great then a big weather change will come and the pain starts in the joints and other areas of her body. With the rapid changes lately it has been interesting to see how her body has reacted.

One way my wife has helped with this issue is to wear thermals on cold days. This seems to keep her body temp more level and her body doesn't become so cold that she begins to hurt. If the weather changes and then stays cool, then there aren't as many issues. It makes it worse when it keeps changing hot to cold and then back to hot. I know my dad has the same problems with his Rheumatoid Arthritis. Strange how these two diseases have some of the same issues and how they can both be "stirred" up by many of the same things. I know my wife will be happy when the weather decides what it's going to do.

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TechnoBabe said...

This is interesting to me for two reasons: This blog is written by a man who shares concerns about his wife's challenges with MS, and I personally am interested in learning more about MS. I will be checking your blog occasionally.