Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tingling Comes And Goes With MS

Toes tingling, feet tingling, leg tingling, arm tingling and that's just been in the last few days. My wife's MS seems to be acting up since she has completely worn herself out the last few weeks. Even with extra sleep during the mornings, she is still struggling to finish the day without having some tingling or pain in her legs or feet. Tonight she even had an odd pain in her ankle area right above the ankle bone. By the end of the day she has been limping and dragging one of her legs most of this last week. Tonight was no different, she came home dragging her left leg and having pain issues up and down her thigh. She just took a hot bath to relax her legs and it seems to have helped.

The tingling has come and gone with the amount of stress she has put on herself this last week. The more rest she gets, the less tingling and issues. The more stress, whether it is physical or emotional, the more tingling and issues she has. Yesterday was probably the worst I have seen her in a while. Her eyes showed it all. I have always been able to look at her eyes and tell how she is doing. Yesterday they looked bad and I immediately setup and appointment for a massage to try and relax her to see if that would help. It did help, and she was doing better last night. We have noticed that after a massage she can have some odd reactions. We are not sure if it the toxins that are stirred up during the massage or something else, but last night she was having chest pain which is usually a sign of low Potassium. By this morning she felt really great and her eyes looked much better.

One difference my wife commented about tonight was that her eyesight was very good when we were driving home. Normally she has problems seeing clearly at night and making out things in the distance. Tonight she was very excited about how well she could see and commented that she wishes it was like that all the time. I guess we will see if it is the same tomorrow. We feel like some of this may be from the massage and just relaxing. Yesterday was the first time we tried this particular massage therapist and we both feel like her massage technique has really helped. Her massage style was different than anything we have done, so we are very excited to find a method that seems to help. For tonight my wife is dealing with a little bit of pain and some tingling, but nothing major. After a good night's sleep I am sure she will be off to another day of overdoing and stress. I wouldn't expect anything else from her after fourteen years of marriage.


Steven Best said...

I think my wife has MS. She is having all the "tests" done now. We are 40 yrs old with 2 daughters. How do you function as a normal family?

Mike said...

Thank you for sharing your story. I have read bits and pieces of your blog this morning when I found it while trying to start my own blog.

I am contacting you to inform you of what I plan to name my blog and hopefully get your approval. My wife also has MS and I too want to start blogging about it. I was amazed to see that you had taken the name that I wanted for my blog when I clicked the "check for availability" button as I was creating my blog on blogger. So after trying a ton of other names and wanting to come back to this name, I decided to go with MywifehasMS2@blogger.com.
The full title is:
My Wife has M.S. Too (Multiple Sclerosis)
I hope you don't mind that we have such similar blog names and maybe we can direct each others' readers to the other guy's blog (i am sure you will want to wait a while to read my posts and make sure you want others to read what I post).
In a nut shell, I too want to help share our story.
Again, thank you for blogging about M.S.

Cory said...

Steven,thanks so much for the comment. We will keep your wife in prayer as you go through the "testing". It can be a very frustrating process, and I would love to speak with you more about functioning as a normal family, but there is just not enough room to cover what we have dealt with on these comment boxes. If you could email me at mywifehasms@gmail.com, I would be happy to answer any questions you have.