Saturday, November 14, 2009

Work Related Stress Affecting MS

Last night my wife was almost in tears. She had been working on a project for weeks that she just can't seem to find an end to. The project has shifted and changed since she started and every time she thinks she has a handle on it, it seems to fight back and she becomes frustrated. Last night she found herself struggling with emotions from weeks of work. When I went by to get her she was so tense that her stomach hurt, her head was beginning to hurt and her shoulders were so tense she physically hurt. We went out to eat and she wasn't even able to eat because her stomach was so upset from the stress. During these moments we have to really take a deep breath and realize that an MS attack will soon follow if we don't alleviate the stress of it all.

By the time we arrived at our house last night, she knew that it was only a matter of time before an attack. We have been through this sooooo many times in the past 15 years we have known each other. A stressor, which can be physical, mental or emotional, impacts my wife and within a matter of time she begins to have symptoms of MS. The symptoms may be pain, numbness, eyesight issues, sleep issues, fatigue, mood swings and many other issues that can come out within minutes, hours or days of the stressor. Last night we took the time to use heat, massage and rest to relieve the tension and this morning she is feeling pretty good. She took off this morning to try and finish the project, and we will continue to use stress relievers to help with the issue.

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Diane J Standiford said...

Stress and MS, hand in hand, along with MANY other body breakdowns. Try looking at work issues in a different way. Most jobs must be MADE fun, but where there is a will...otherwise you have to quit or suffer the MS flares. I worked with MS for 18 years in what most consider a very stressful job. One guy even killed himself. One had a heart attack. I survived unscathed. (I think. LOL) Keep laughing...even it is juts over your bosses crooked toupee.