Monday, January 4, 2010

Wife TKO'd Through Holidays

What a rough holiday season! My wife dealt with tingling, numbness, pain, bladder issues, fatigue and many other issues over the last few weeks. Today we are heading to see our Chiropractor to realign her body so we can start to make some progress on her symptoms. The last three days she hasn't been able to eat any solid foods due to stomach and bladder issues. We had some teen boys stay with us for a few days and her symptoms started as soon as we picked them up and still haven't completely gone away. It was hard for her to not be involved with them and have to stay close to home because of the issues. That was a recurring theme for our 09 holiday experience.

Holiday stress, poor eating, lack of rest and just pushing her body too hard sure hasn't helped my wife. It amazes me how MS takes full advantage when your body is worn down and you are stressed out. At one point during Christmas, my wife couldn't even enjoy her family because she was so worn out and fatigued. During another time she started feeling tingling around her torso and was worried that it was spreading and would go numb. The emotional roller coaster alone was frustrating during the past few weeks. This morning she is feeling better than she has in four or five days, but if she doesn't see the Chiropractor today and start to rest and eat properly, none of these symptoms are going to go away. She wasn't knocked out completely through the holidays, but she was knocked down a few times.

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