Sunday, September 9, 2012

Blood Pressure and Multiple Sclerosis

It's been a while since I've posted because our life has been a little crazy. My wife is doing well, even with the craziness and many different physical and emotional drains on her body. One thing she came across recently is that her blood pressure is low. She was noticing some weird feelings in her body and on an off chance she checked it a few weeks ago. The numbers came back low so we purchased a blood pressure monitor and began to check it regularly. I'm sure glad we did because I learned that I have high blood pressure and have already went to the doctor to have it checked. After a few weeks of checking her blood pressure, she figured out quickly that she needed to increase her water intake to help with this issue. As long as she is drinking plenty of water her blood pressure is fine, but if she doesn't drink water and drinks soda or tea, she starts to feel bad. We both knew how important water intake was for our bodies, but neither of us ever thought about her blood pressure being low and how drinking water impacted blood pressure. We are always learning and she has become very good about "listening" to her body and taking action when she needs to. It's been almost 23 years since she was diagnosed with MS, and she is still figuring out how to live a healthier life.


Captain Incredible's Girl said...


I have a fantastic story to share with you about how your blog enriched my life. I tried to leave the story as a comment, but it was too long and so I was unable to post it. My email address is . Can you please email me so I can send the story to you? I would really love to share it since your blog played a big role.

Tara Hoppie

Have Myelin? said...

Glad I found this - I too have low blood pressure and MS. I drink so much water, I feel like a swimming pool. Not only that, I have 50% kidney failure due to "low water intake" (they say) but everyone around me comments on the amount of water I drink. I feel thirsty (impossible!) and don't have diabetics...

MS is weird.

I do take salt tablets to help my blood pressure but my PCP doesn't like the idea...will talk to neuro this week.

Nice blog!