Sunday, September 30, 2012

Can't Work Because Of Multiple Sclerosis, What Now?

My wife has been fortunate enough to not have to worry about working full time the majority of our marriage, but many individuals with MS don't have that option. Many have to work full time and are the main providers for their families. This is stress that many times causes more MS issues, which is why my wife and I have chosen a lifestyle that allows her to work if she wants, but she doesn't have to. Currently we run an all girl's children's home and she works part time filling the gaps we have in our staff. Since she isn't full time or punching a clock, she can stop when she needs to and rest. We both know that we are extremely lucky

For those that have had to give up full time work, or are looking to add some additional income for their family, we may have a solution. I hesitated to write about this on my blog because I refuse to sell anything on this blog, or add a bunch of ads etc. to the blog. I really want this to be a safe, truthful place about our experiences with MS and nothing more. After so many emails and comments about families struggling to make a living and life, I felt like I needed to share what we have learned. For the last year I have been learning affiliate marketing online, and have created a consistent supplemental income for my family.

Like any other business, affiliate marketing takes a lot of work and patience. There is a lot to learn and a lot of "gurus" out there that want you to give them hundreds or thousands of dollars for them to teach you how to make money online. I spent money and bought quite a few programs before I found one that has worked, and recently found an even easier, quicker way to create an income stream. There are many different methods that work, and I have only made money from a few. I am now working on replacing my income so that my wife and I can spend time doing what we want, instead of what we feel like we have to do.

So, I wrote this for any of you that might want to know more about how I've made money online. I'm not going to put any links on here to the products or systems I've used, but would rather you email me if you are really interested in knowing more. We know how tough it can be when you have an MS attack and your body won't cooperate, and this is a legitimate way to make money through all of that. If you want to know more shoot me an email at, and hopefully I can keep you from wasting time and money on systems and products that don't work, and show you products that I've used that I know work.


Anonymous said...

I am incredibly thankful for your blog. As a college student, I was diagnosed with MS about a month ago. I am thankful to be able to continue in my studies without too many symptoms popping up here and there. As a 19 year old, the diagnosis freaks me out because I realize I have so much of my life left to live. The Lord has provided me with a great amount of peace and strength to deal with the hard news, but I still struggle at times. One of my biggest worries is on the issue of marriage. I would love to be a wife and mother someday but I worry that no guy will want to deal with the great unknown of my MS

Cory said...

Hey Anonymous, my wife was also in college and diagnosed around the same age that you are now. She had to figure it out and when we met, she was up front and told me about her MS. I've written a few posts about it, but you need to know that it didn't change my mind about loving her or wanting to spend the rest of my life with her. We have a beautiful daughter, have a wonderful marriage, and all in spite of her MS. Please know you are not alone, and please let me know if you have any questions. We've lived and breathed this for over 17 years of marriage so hopefully some of our experiences can help you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cory. Have you read any of George Jelinek's books? His latest one, Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis, is very interesting. It is based on Roy Swank's methods but has been brought up to date with current research and findings. I highly recommend it. Regards

Unknown said...

Hi Corey,
My husband does not yet have an actual MS diagnosis. It's not showing up on all the normal screenings. However, we have been told by a top Atlanta neurologist that he doesn't know what else it could be. That said, we are not certain of anything but we are trying to think ahead about options for additional income since his job requires a good bit of physical fitness and stamina. We are blessed in that he could likely remain at his work at a desk job but would lose 25% of his pay in that role. This could be the case in a year or ten years from now. Either way, we need to start exploring other options. I currently stay at home with our two girls (4 years, 19 mos.) I have two degrees and have a marketing background that was primarily in service and events in my pre-mommy life. I am interested in the affiliate marketing you mentioned. Would you mind sending me some information? Thank you so much. I will be bookmarking your blog.

Cory said...

Hey Unknown, I would love to send you some info. Your email doesn't show up on my end so can you shoot me an email to As soon as I have your info I can send you what I am doing and you can take a look. Thanks!