Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Moving Back Home

After moving our family to Colorado, we have now moved back home to Texas.  Colorado was a total bust for our jobs and our lives, so we took a big step and moved to Texas to start a business.  We've been working in non-profit work for the last 6 years, but I think we are ready to move on from that career.  So, we've been back in Texas for a little over a month now and have started our new business.  We are continuing with some of our online businesses also, but this new business is a brick and mortar business selling Safety Supplies and Equipment.

The moves have been hard on my wife's MS.  Moving is a stressful activity physically, and it's mentally taxing especially when you are moving to a new area and a new job.  For my wife, it took a few weeks for her to acclimate to Colorado and I don't know that any of our family ever acclimated completely in the 5 months we were there.  After the stress from the job started to increase due to bad management, we knew that we needed to make a change.  We've learned through the years that some things are not worth holding onto, and our jobs were not worth the stress it was placing on our family.

So, we decided to step away from a regular paycheck and start our own business.  This has been stressful in itself, but my wife and I are both working hard to make this work.  We have extremely supportive families which I know has helped my wife's MS, and is helping our new venture.  We are excited about the future and so far my wife has had very few issues with her MS in Texas.  When we first unloaded she was struggling with some dizziness and we immediately found a Chiropractor.  After 2 adjustments she's been doing great.  It still amazes both of us that her body responds so quickly and so efficiently to Chiropractic.

I guess the one thing that we have learned through the last few years is that you have to take control of your life, and sometimes that means moving 7 hours then turning around and moving 12 hours only 5 months later.  It's been tough but it's been a very healthy move for our whole family.  Hopefully this new career will give me more time to write and share as we experience new things in Texas.  Hope everyone is doing great out there, and thanks for taking a moment to read about our lives! 


AB said...

It took courage and positivity for you all to decide to change your entire life again and make the move back. I am sure that it was the right decision. Here's wishing you best of luck and just simple old everyday happiness.

Cory D said...

Thanks AB! Life is good!