Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Are Your Holidays Happy With MS

The Holidays are on us and for the first time since my daughter was born, we are not spending Christmas with our extended family.  Honestly, it's a little weird but we are enjoying the family time together.  Also for the first time since our daughter was born my wife is working a regular 30 hr a week job.  She's struggled a lot with the job because her heart wants to be home with our daughter helping her as she is homeschooled, but she knows that a part of our moving was she would have to work for a bit until we increased our income.  So, she's really torn right now which has caused some emotional stress during the Holidays. 

Today, she's having to work a half day which is really frustrating her.  Work, health and other issues can cause a lot of stress over the Holidays which can just make the MS cycle worse.  For my wife, stress is enemy number #1 through the Holidays so we do everything we can to eliminate stressful situations.  Even when we travel to our extended family we make sure we stay in a hotel so she can get away and rest if needed, and also to make sure that she goes to bed at a decent time instead of staying up all night talking with family.  Yes, she will miss a few things, but when she is present she is feeling good and is able to be fully there.  Does that make sense?

So, are you planning ahead for the Holidays?  Are you making sure that you have times of rest built in and that you have done what you can to eliminate stressful situations?  We have learned through the years that we can tweak things a little and it makes a huge difference for my wife's health.  Don't let the Holidays get the best of you, and especially if you're struggling with MS issues don't let your MS define your Holidays.  This year we have a special Holiday meal planned, sledding in the mountains, and we are going to serve someone else in need to remind us of how blessed we truly are.  Merry Christmas from our whole family, and this Holiday season, choose to be full of joy in spite of any issues you may be having with MS and plan ahead to take full advantage of everything the Holiday's have to offer!


Christina said...

Hello Cory

It's been a while since I've visited your Blog and look at you and your wife! You both are so good looking! Especially your wife. Sorry. :)

I think you are managing just wonderfully in keeping the stress at bay.

Wishing you and your family all the best for the new year!

AB said...

I think it is wonderful that you are taking measures to enjoy the holidays. As far as I have seen, what my wife and I missed the most during her attack and diagnosis was the regular small routine joys of life. I guess when they require an effort, you realise how much they really mean. Even something like a regular movie and lunch means so much. Enjoy the sledding and keep away from stress. Wishing you much happiness and fun during the holidays!

Anonymous said...

A Blessed Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year to you and your family.
You ask, "Does that make sense?"
I understand completely, I too need to get away to a quiet place and rest. Healthy food and rest are what restores my strength, and Gods' word.
p.s. you asked me why I needed procedures so often... I left a comment in you last post to explain.

God bless!!

Cory D said...

Hi Christina, thanks for the visit and yes, my wife is much better looking than me. :) Have a Happy New Year!

Cory D said...

Thanks AB! And yes, the small things mean so much. Happy New Year!

AB said...

Haha! Christina preempted me because my next comment was that your wife is really pretty:)However, while it may be strange to say that she is lucky because she has gone through so much, I believe God compensated in some way to her through you. You both deserve a lot of happiness.
And so sad that the holidays are over! But best of luck to her for her job and hope she enjoys it even more this year.

Janet Gazda said...

Hi, Cory...I just found your blog (looking up 'abdominal cramps'). I wanted to ask you...I am in limbo re. diagnosis, right now, but how do I help my husband understand how badly I feel, sometimes? He is very considerate and compassionate, in general, but if he can't 'see it', I think it is hard for him, to believe it. If I tell him how lousy I am feeling (fatigue, leg spasticity, off balance), then he seems feel that I am 'complaining'. He has never had a chronic illness (I guess MS isn't exactly chronic, but right now, it feels that way, to me...Lol), so he has a tough time understanding. Any advice, please? Thank you, Cory...and may Spirit bless you and your lovely wife. Love and Light. Jan.

Cory D said...

Janet, thanks for the comment. I understand how deceiving MS can be to outsiders. Many times my wife is even able to hide her MS issues from me because she doesn't want to stress me. It is hard to understand sometimes, but then I remember what I feel like when I'm sick or my back is out and I can't do simple tasks. I know my wife has been very good about letting me know when things are bad, and pushing through issues when she can. It is a delicate balance, and I know it frustrates her when she can't do things. The longer we are married and the more I'm aware of what's going on with her, the easier it is for me to see things and know when she needs downtime or help, but I know I wasn't always so observant. Patience is really important in a relationship, and vitally important when dealing with a disease. Keep sharing and continue to be patient because there will be times when the disease gets the better of him emotionally. Let me know if you have any other questions.