Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Stopped Stomach Issues for My Wife with MS

A few weeks ago my wife was at the Chiropractor and the Doc was sharing with us about Kombucha.  We headed to Whole Foods after the Adjustment and picked up a few different flavors of Synergy Kombucha.  The Chiropractor had explained how Kombucha has been super helpful for her health since it contains Pro Biotics and Antibiotics.  We've used Pro Biotics before and it helped my wife but we were surprised to find out how it would really affect her.

While we were at Whole Foods we also picked up Natural Calm, which is a drink mix we had used before to help my wife destress and relax.  Natural Calm has Calcium and Magnesium in it, and was recommended to us by the a Naturopath we used to see.  So, my wife started with the Natural Calm as soon as we got home.  Within minutes she was feeling relaxed and even commented that her hair felt relaxed.  Not really sure what that means, but I could visibly see the difference in her body.  That night she fell asleep easily and she has continued with the Natural Calm every day since.

She also started the Kombucha a few days later.  Up until this time she has been struggling with Stomach issues off and on for years.  Some days she has no issues, but other days she can eat the same thing she always does and she would immediately get sick.  Just a heads up, not all flavors of the Kombucha are good.  Some of them are really, really bad, but she found a few flavors that she likes and our daughter even likes.  She takes a little everyday in the mornings.  Within a few days she noticed that she wasn't having the stomach issues and had been having regular bowel movements, which has been a problem since I've known her.

She's continued with both the Kombucha and the Natural Calm and hasn't had a single day where she's had Stomach issues.  She's super excited because she can tell a difference in her Stomach and in her body.  She's slept better and feels better, and has been able to eat without worrying about getting sick.  We are going to continue to using these 2 products and my wife is starting to work on her diet again.  Over the next few months I will try to post more often as we live life with MS.


Shawn LaRowe said...

Cory -- Can you tell us which flavors she likes? I'm very interested in your wife's stomach issues as I have the same problem. Even after I received an MS diagnosis in December 2013 (after a year of tests and being told I was crazy), the neurologists told me that the stomach issues are in no way related to MS (never mind the fact that one of my lesions was on my T3 -- which controls the stomach). When I read her symptoms (eat something one day...be fine, then eat the same thing the next day and vomit until it was out of her system), I told my husband, "This is me exactly. I could have written this." I even showed your blog to the neurologist at the MS treatment center and she said, "That is not caused by MS." How can they be so sure? Very frustrating. Thank you so much for your writings. It is nice to know I'm not alone in this crazy disease. -- Shawn

Cory D said...

Hey Shawn, thanks for the comment and encouragement. We've given up on trying to convince anyone about my wife's symptoms and issues, and just focus on what we can do about it. As far as flavors I know she tried Grape tonight and said it was OK. She also likes the Lavendar. There were a few flavors that I couldn't stomach but I don't remember exactly what they were. I will tell you that we were out of town for a few days and it threw off her schedule so she didn't drink the Kombucha or Natural Calm. I think she was off of it for about 5 days, and yesterday she had stomach issues again. She made sure that she drank some last night and today and hasn't had any issues since. I'm not sure how it all works, but I know it does. Biggest advice I can give about MS is if you try to explain and convince others about your symptoms, treatments etc., you will just get frustrated. We stopped doing that a long time ago and just do our own thing now. Good luck and let me know how everything goes!

John Rose said...

Hi guys and gals,
I've had stomach issues of my own, (not the same as you all describe) and I am on my way to whole foods tonight for some Kombucha! I have been drinking 8oz of Good Belly every morning and that has seemed to help a bit. I thought it odd that your neurologist stated your stomach issues are in no way related to your MS. When I mentioned mine to my doctor she said with out hesitation that it was MS related and not to stress out too much about it. She said if it made me feel more at ease we could arrange tests with a specialist but I decided for the time being to wait it out and mess with diet. I also wonder if over time whatever meds we may be taking might be wreaking a little havoc on our innards :) I'll let ya'll know how the Kombucha works!