Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Waking Up With Tingly Toes and Fingers

Does Multiple Sclerosis cause you to wake up with tingly fingers and toes?  That's what has been happening with my wife for a few months now.  Sometimes they are really tingly and other times it only lasts for a few minutes.  Sometimes it's only one foot or hand or even one side of her body instead of both.  Most of the time the feeling comes back within a short time after waking up and she doesn't have any other issues during the daytime.  The frustrating thing about this is that we know why she's having these issues.

We know what it is because the problems started when my wife's pillow started breaking down and she ordered a new one.  She tried super expensive Sleep Number Pillows and other pillows that were supposed to be good for your spine and neck like the water filled pillows.  All of these pillows caused the same issues and some were worse than others.  We've found one style of pillow that doesn't cause my wife to have these issues.  Years ago this style of pillow was recommended by one of our Chiropractors and we've both used them ever since.

The style of Pillow is a Contoured Pillow.  I tried to find it online so you would know which one it is but they apparently are only available through a Chiropractors office.  The closest pillow I found you can see by Clicking Here.  When we started using these pillows it took a few days for both of us to get used to them.  It wasn't the most comfortable at first, but after we became used to them we don't leave the house without them.  I take my pillow with me everywhere we go, and so does my wife.  I can't sleep now without it or I get headaches and struggle to sleep. 

For my wife, her pillow provides more than a good night of sleep, it actually helps her to stay in alignment.  It amazes both of us how simple things like her pillow can totally change the way she feels on a daily basis.  My wife recently re-ordered 2 pillows so that we would have a backup for later and she wouldn't have to do without the right one.  After months of tingly fingers and toes, she can't wait to have her favorite pillow so she can have a great night's sleep!  We know for sure after years and years of adjustments and how she has MS issues when she's out of alignment that it is very important for her to be intentional about everything including her pillow.  If you're waking up with tingly body parts, maybe it's time to take a look at your pillow.  If you have any questions please shoot them to us, and as always we really appreciate your comments!


Linda Doubleday said...

Hello, came across your blogsite - I have a wonderful husband like you seem to be. As far as tingling goes - well I'm afraid it may get worse - I have continual burning tingling thick sensation in both my hands, and from my waist down to the tips of my toes. It never goes away and I have had it now for 4 years - hopefully your wife is in the relapsing remitting stage and things get better for her and she has a break from it. I am now after first being diagnosed when I was 32, now 63 and have progressed to secondary progressive. But up until 4 years ago I was cycling, sailing, scuba diving and tramping - and working full time. So
there is life with MS if you are determined to not allow it to get in the way - it is always hard with the sword of Damocles hanging over your head. I now am mastering my cool red mobility scooter and can take my golden retriever for walks down to the beach which gives me great satisfaction - you start taking pleasure out of the small things in life and now I don't sweat the small stuff -
I wish you and your wife all the best - I know my husband finds it incredibly hard losing "his girl" (we fell in love at 17) and there have been a lot of tears, but we are adjusting once more to further changes in our life and I find that keeping a sense of humour qnd laughing at silly things you do and being lighthearted in public brings wonderful responses from complete strangers.
All the best and hang in there.

Cory D said...

Thanks for the comment Linda! Actually my wife went to our ProAdjuster Chiropractor and after her adjustment the tingling went away. She has the correct pillow now and doesn't wake up with any tingling or issues. It's amazing how something as simple as a pillow affects things. Thanks again for the comment and encouragement!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is really wonderful. My husband has MS. He is 8 years since his diagnosis. Lately things have been getting worse, his tingling has been constant for a month at a time sometimes, face pain (he also has trigeminal neuralgia). It isn't hard for me as a caregiver to stay positive, i am a very upbeat lively person with a lot of energy. I find that I have to find things to occupy my energy or he will go insane on bad days when his pain is too much and his fatigue has kicked in... i really appreciate this blog. Thank you