Wednesday, February 11, 2009

MS Headache Caused By Stress

Today was not a great day for my wife. Due to some circumstances at our workplace, my wife and I are both pretty stressed. When dealing with children ages 5-18, life can become very hectic and chaotic. When you add in the fact that we live in a community of three homes with three different styles of parenting and personalities it can become even more challenging. Today, my wife's emotional state and physical state couldn't handle the stress that was building in her body. Her head started to hurt mid afternoon and continued to worsen as the day went on.

Her headache peaked at supper time. She felt nauseous and finally had to lay down to help with the pain. She can even pinpoint the exact time that she let the stress get the better of her. She let something get to her that shouldn't, and within a few minutes she was in pain. My wife's MS has caused many issues through the years, but the headaches have to be one of the most frustrating. These MS stress headaches cause her so much pain that she usually has to sleep them off and many times we end up visiting the chiropractor to realign her body. She has been in bed since supper and she will need the rest to recoup from the stress her body is under.

I am not sure about other MS sufferers, but my wife's body is very sensitive to things. When she is adjusted by our chiropractor, she will feel the results immediately. When she allows stress to build, her body will react with headaches, nausea, numbness, vision issues, pain and many other symptoms. When she has physical trauma, it affects her whole body, not just the injured place. We can control many of these things, but many times they are out of our control. Today was one of those days, and again we are reminded how easily her body is affected by stress.


Anonymous said...

I am glad I found your blog. At least I can get insight from another person of what it is like. My other half has MS and sometimes I am unsure what to do.

Thank you.

Panageotes Family said...

May I suggest yoga...any form of meditation as well. My spouse is yoga trained and I have relapsing-remitting MS, diagnosed 9/10/01 and the headaches SUCK! the other issues I can handle but the headaches can cause so many other issues in my seems to level the playing field...just a thought.

Cory said...

Hey Panageotes Family, thanks for the input. We have tried yoga and it has helped her. We live in the middle of nowhere now, so we don't have access to a good yoga instructor so she hasn't been practicing yoga for some time now. Do you have any suggestions for the style of yoga concerning MS?