Thursday, February 19, 2009

What Causes MS?

I spent some time yesterday with a Naturopathic Doctor talking about Multiple Sclerosis and other diseases. He has spent the last few years focusing his efforts on auto-immune diseases and studying the effects of different treatments on MS, Lupus, ALS and a host of other diseases. He feels he may even have a way to reverse Alzheimer's, which my mother has been affected with. So, we spoke a little about what he thinks may cause MS and what he has seen over the past year or so. I can only put this in my own words, so I will try to explain this to the best of my ability.

Through research, he has found one thing that seems to be consistent within all MS patients. Since he does Darkfield Microscopy, he looks at all patients blood that comes into his office. He has found spirochetes in all MS patients blood. I have a limited understanding of this, but spirochetes can come from different sources and once they are in the blood stream, they can be very hard to kill. My wife has spirochetes in her blood and the strange thing is that they actually live in her blood cells. This causes major issues when you try to kill them because they have infiltrated your body's defense system. The spirochetes give off neurotoxins in your blood stream that can cause MS symptoms, like nerve issues etc. When you kill them, it can cause flu symptoms and can really stir up your immune system.

They are also hard to kill because they live in different forms in the body. Depending on which form they are in, ie larva, adult etc., they have to be attacked with different medicines. We saw this in my wife. She could take certain meds that would attack the spirochetes, and when they started to die off, she would have flu like symptoms and other MS symptoms. One thing we have noticed through the years is that when my wife takes antibiotics she usually feels very good and has no MS issues. This would make sense if the spirochetes are part of the problem. The spirochetes are killed off by the antibiotics which allows her immune system to flourish and her body to feel better.

He went on to explain that when you have spirochetes you usually have secondary infections. These infections can also involve "critters" that give off neurotoxins and cause neurological problems. When you combine these together in your blood, they can cause swelling and pain in joints, numbness, fatigue etc. Sometimes these secondary infections can be as hard or harder to kill than the spirochetes. My father has RA extremely bad in his hands and joints. When we used the treatment for spirochetes he was able to get relief and was even able to close his hands. He hadn't been able to make a fist for months when we started.

One thing we have learned is that these infections seem to foster new infections and issues. I have written before about my wife's leaky gut and other gut issues. We feel like all of these issues are interconnected which can make treatment extremely difficult. Anytime you start to get aggressive with killing off spirochetes or the secondary infections, you have to deal with your body being overwhelmed with neurotoxins and die off of the "critters". The pain and general yucky feeling makes it difficult to want to continue for long periods of treatment. It can also become quite expensive when you do everything that is needed.

Every time my wife has had major MS attacks, we have aggressively used these treatment methods. They have worked and we have always been able to reverse the affects of her MS attacks. This particular ND feels like all of these infections combined are the "cause" of MS, and until the medical community comes up with something else, I have to agree with him based on our experience and his experience.

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christine said...

As I have been saying for years - MS and Lyme are related diseases...both come with Spirochetes and Co-infections...along with reactivated viruses...OH - when spirochetes attack the digestive systems - they do tons of damage - a Celiac diet (which celiac is on the rise and that is a genetic disease triggered by something)...

Keep up with the right treatment - and NO steroids...