Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tripping and Falling With MS

A few nights ago my wife came into the house limping. She had just come back from the grocery store and was bringing some food into the house. On her way up the sidewalk she slipped trying to step up onto the porch. Her foot came out from under her and she hit her elbow, side, leg and foot very hard on the concrete. She limped through the house and showed me the areas that she hurt. The bruises were already starting to show, and her foot began to swell.

My first reaction when something like this happens is to worry that there will be lasting effects. Many times when she falls or hits something very hard it stirs up her MS issues. She may hit her foot and not be able to walk on it for weeks due to other MS problems. This time her foot became swolen and she was having major pain just trying to move her foot up or down. She went to bed early and used heat to help her foot loosen up. The next day she had a bruised side, bruised elbow, bruised leg and bruised foot. All of those areas hurt, but there was no numbness or other issues. It is amazing to me how much better her health has gotten over the years and how she can handle more than when we first met 14 years ago.

My wife has had balance issues since her first MS attacks. She has also lost her eye sight multiple times so her vision is not great in one eye due to the eye being "dark". This causes her to be clumsy at times and it frustrates her horribly. She competed as a gymnast for 12 years of her life so it drives her nuts when she loses her balance. This time she has bruises all over but no lasting effects. She had to deal with pain for a day or two, and the bruises are healing, but I think it hurt her pride more than anything. I think that is one of the things that has been the hardest for my wife, not being able to do what she always has. She is not as balanced, not able to do what she always has, and having to deal with constant limitations. That has to be frustrating!

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