Saturday, April 4, 2009

Motion Sickness Playing Rock Band

My wife and I have learned to connect with our children's home kids on all sorts of levels. One of those is playing video games with them. The other night my wife sat on the couch and played the guitar on Rock Band for an hour or so. When you play Rock Band the notes for the buttons you press roll up onto the screen at a pace equal to the level you play the game, ie easy, hard etc. Now, my wife has had motion sickness problems since she was a kiddo so I have become used to her turning the A/C on in the middle of winter in the car when she starts to become sick. It can make trips quite interesting. What neither one of us expected was her to feel sick playing Rock Band.

After about an hour of Rock Band my wife had to lay down and close her eyes. She felt the normal motion sickness she feels with riding in a car, flying, riding in a boat, watching 3D movies and a host of other activities. What is funny is that by playing Rock Band she was able to connect with one of our teens and he opened up to her about all sorts of things. She has continued to play in short spurts and played drums yesterday with all of us. After a few songs she decided to take a break but it was fun to watch her try to keep up with the beat. We all need distractions from life and we have found Rock Band to be one of those.

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Make-Up and Mud said...

I'm glad I ran across this blog. I too have MS and motion sickness, and sometimes the smallest things can trigger it, but they make you seem crazy! I could definitely relate to how motion sickness could be brought on by Rock Band! And I think it's awesome that you post about your wife and are involved! I'm about to go read more!