Monday, April 6, 2009

Pink Hair, Kids Everywhere, Multiple Sclerosis

There has been a lady volunteering time to cut our children's hair at the Children's Home for free. She owns a salon in town and comes out once a month and spends about 4 hours cutting hair. A few of the ladies decided to go and get highlights put in their hair since she was going to give them a discount. Now, my wife has had highlights before, and usually has blonde or auburn highlights added to her brown hair. This time the hair dresser used a ruby red with violet color and her hair is an iridescent pinkie purple, if there is such a thing. She describes it as an Easter egg color just in time for Easter. So she calls me when they are done and asks me if I am going to be OK if her hair is a little brighter and "redder" than she first expected. I couldn't believe how bright and wild her hair looked, with hot pink stripes all through it. We joke now that we have a punk rocker on campus!

She had all of this done last Friday, knowing that we were supposed to take our kids over the weekend to a new church to promote the home. What a sight! We come walking into this conservative church with a bunch of kids and her punk rock, pink hair just glowing. It was great! Everyone was looking at her hair wondering if that was for real and some people would just smile and others would give her a "you should know better" look. It has actually been fun with her hair like this, especially when she forgets it looks that way. She will be out doing something and will forget, and then someone will be smiling at her for no reason or one of the kids will comment on how much they like it. Who knew that a mistake in hair highlighting could bring so many smiles to so many faces. So for now, I am married to a punk rocker with MS. How cool is that!

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