Monday, December 7, 2009

Can't Eat Without Becoming Sick

My wife is going through another period of stomach issues. For the last three days she has become ill after almost every meal. Timing couldn't have been worse the last few days and it has been very frustrating when these spells have hit. This morning we had a staff party that my wife had to leave because she became ill from the snacks provided. She missed the majority of the party stuck at the house sick. The same thing happened yesterday while we were at a banquet. Everything was OK until she ate, then within minutes she started having stomach cramps. We needed to leave immediately after the banquet and it took a good hour for her to feel better.

We are still not sure what causes this reaction to food. It doesn't matter what she eats or when she eats it, she gets sick without rhyme or reason. Tonight she was going to wait to eat until after a Christmas program our daughter was in, but made a plate and ate anyways. She expected to be sick within minutes, but was fine for the rest of the evening. It would seem like there would be some logic to all of this, but we have not been able to piece any of it together yet. We have tried different foods, eating at different times, resting and other things but have not had any luck yet with any of our attempts at controlling this issue. I would love to hear if anyone else has had any luck figuring out what triggers this problem. Hopefully this spell of the issue is over and my wife will be back to normal, but until then we have to be aware that our schedule may be changed based on her stomach.


irishcat said...

I'm not sure I can be much help as regards the triggers but if it's any colsolation your wife is not alone.
I also suffer from an upset stomach with little or no explanation, there some days, gone the next.
I have worked out that it mainly happens when I eat strong cheeses, particularly goat's or blue cheese, and after a rich meal that includes beef and/or a heavy sauce.
But there is rarely a rhyme or reason to the incidents

Cory said...

Irishcat, thanks so much for the comment. I appreciate you sharing what is happening because there has to be something that is causing this. Maybe through mutual sharing we can figure out why the stomach issues continue for so many MSers.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just letting you know that I am also going through some stomach problems associated with my MS this week also. I too have had to leave functions and run to the nearest bathroom. What might help is keeping a diary. I found for myself that narrowing down what food cause my stomach to go that way and which ones are ok. I eat alot of potatoes, oatmeal and rice which helps me and stops the "urgency" of having to go...hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

I've had Fibromyalgia for 18 months now, and it started with being sick after eating. Even drinking too much could trigger it. I realise it's not MS, but the two share lots of things.

After a multitude of failures from my doctors to discover why this was, I finally realised what was causing it: I was experiencing powerful muscle cramps around my stomach, so when it was half-full the cramps would force me to vomit. This went on for months, good and bad days of course, but that was the reason. They eventually calmed down when I went onto stronger painkillers and muscle relaxants, but I do get flares.

No amount of food monitoring, allergy trials, gallstone tests helped at all. The spasms were often so deep in the muscles that I could only feel them by placing the palm of my hand on my torso.

I really hope this helps you and your wife, and God speed.

Anonymous said...

My daughter was diagnosed with Gastroparesis in 2008 when she was 8 years old, and then several months later she was diagnosed with Pediatric MS. She has been having MS symptoms since she was 3. She vomits all the time, without warning. Although she has several food allergies that we try to avoid, she can have an empty stomach and the abrupt vomiting can still occur. If she goes a day without stomach problems we are lucky. She takes anti-nausea meds and stomach muscle stimulating meds to help her stomach empty. The condition isn't as bad in the summer, but that's when the heat problems set in. We haven't met other people with MS with this problem in our area.