Monday, December 21, 2009

Is Clumsiness A Symptom Of MS?

For the last 15 years of knowing my wife she has been one of the clumsiest people I know. A day rarely goes by when she doesn't hurt herself somehow. She will misjudge the distance to something and hit it or trip and hurt herself. She has lost her balance and fell off of steps and beds and even lodged herself between two beds at a hotel. She was laughing so hard she couldn't get out. It makes for interesting times when she does some of these things. One time she thought she shut the shower glass on the tub and went to sneeze while in the bathtub. What she didn't realize is that the glass was closed on her side too, and she slammed her head straight into the glass as she tried to sneeze outside the tub. She laughed for hours about that one.

I know that clumsiness isn't a symptom of MS, but many of the symptoms of MS seem to affect her abilities to balance, walk, judge distance and a host of other things. As a teen she competed as a gymnast for 12 years so she had awesome balance and grace, but as an adult with MS, that grace is lost in translation. Sometimes the clumsiness is funny, sometimes it is scary and other times it is just frustrating for both of us. Rarely do we take a trip somewhere that she doesn't hurt herself in some way and then have a bump or bruise or headache or some other malady. There are a few things like her always poking me with her nails or not being able to see when she enters a dark room that we have just gotten used to, and there are other things that come out of nowhere and hit us. Multiple Sclerosis has taken a lot of her balance and a lot of her dignity at times, and most of the time she just laughs and goes on with life. I guess that is why I love her so much, it is never dull when she is around!


Taxingwoman said...

Yes MS does too make you clumsy. At least for me.
I am a total spazz now. I break drinking glasses on a regular basis Am always smashing my hands or feet

You see should see me using my stapler !!


Cory said...

Hi Carole, I just shared your comment with my wife and she totally understands. Prime example is this morning. I was woke by a large crashing sound. It was my wife tripping and falling while trying to walk to the bathroom in our hotel room. It is a running joke that she always hurts herself when we stay in hotels. Thanks for the comment and be careful with that stapler!

liz said...

I was just diagnosed with MS, but my onset was 7 years ago. I swear, I am definitely the clumsiest people I know. I am always falling, running into things, tripping, misjudging distances. I usually laugh it off. This is a great blog, for newly diagnosed, it puts things in perspective and makes me feel less insane when I have a completely weird symptom!

Christy said...

I love this post! It radiates your attention to her life and your love for her! I believe that I have MS and I do find this post encouraging. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I loved reading your blog. I'm newly diagnosed but have had symptoms for years and know now I'm not just useless on my feet or clumsy, its all part and parcel! It is funny but very frustrating too, I mean who shuts thier entire hand in a door!? Lol �� I love that you love her so much and every thing about her. She is very blessed to have you...good luck with everything x thankyou for sharing this x