Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Cold Has Lost It's Bite So Far This Season

It has been snowing and sleeting and just plain cold in Eastern New Mexico. Yesterday morning it was 19 degrees with a stiff wind that brought the temp down in a hurry. Normally this time of year really causes a lot of pain and frustration for my wife. What is really strange is that she hasn't had those issues with all the cold so far. Who knows if it will hit later, but she hasn't even been wearing her thermals with the cold and she is still not having any major issues. Usually this time of year her internal thermostat is out of whack and she is constantly trying to stay warm and comfortable. Last night she commented that she has been pleasantly surprised so far this season.

I have always suspected that hormones were the culprit with my wife's issues with the cold. Hormones seem to control so much from water retention to stress chemicals to sleeping chemicals, and the more in balance she is, the better she seems to be all around. In the past we have done hormone testing and my wife has used specialized creams to balance her hormones, but we are not doing anything right now to control this issue. What does that mean? I honestly have no idea, which is where I am most of the time with Multiple Sclerosis. MS is such an odd disease that always seems to be shifting and changing without any warning. This time we have been very fortunate that whatever is going on in her body, it is helping keep her from having the pain and aching that usually comes with the cold.

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Joann said...

The cold is my friend.