Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dizzy, Light Headed, Nausea with MS

Last week my wife hit a point where we knew we were going to have to take action or watch her continue toward a full on MS attack. We went to see our special Chiropractor and immediately she started to feel better. Normally it takes a few days for her body to get back to some kind of normal state, and this time is no exception. Over the last few days, she has had moments of dizziness, feeling light headed, nausea and a general feeling of being woozy. It seems to hit out of nowhere and sometimes lasts just a few minutes, and at other times it goes on for an hour or longer. This has only made her car sickness worse, and she has been having to lay down and rest a lot.

I can feel her frustration with her body not cooperating. She is trying to finish up our taxes, and she hasn't been able to focus on much due to dull headaches. The Chiropractic visit helped to stop the immediate threat of vertigo, and we will probably go back this week to make sure her vertebra didn't just move back out of place. This is a four hour round trip for us, and we wouldn't do it if we didn't feel like it truly made a huge impact on her health. I guess I have learned there are no magic pills, magic diets or other get fixed quick treatments for Multiple Sclerosis, just persistent warring again the disease and constantly learning to find new ways to make daily life better.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cory, thank you for sharing your wifes'journey and struggles.I related to her symptoms, achy,
tired, heavy legs, dizziness, headaches... I commented on a previous post re. my ccsvi procedure. There is wonderful info.
at You're wise to do all the research sometimes it can be overwhelming.
God bless!!

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for the information

Make-Up and Mud said...

I've been reading your entries, and I would swear to you that you are writing about me! I've never met anyone with MS that has weird and crazy random symptoms, or at least they don't talk about them. It's SO comforting to know that I'm not just imaging the dizziness or strange pains, because that means I'm not doing anything wrong to cause them. When you feel like you're the only one with this "type" of MS or these "types" of symptoms, it can be even more stressful. Reading what you are writing about your wife is very comforting!

Tom Peters said...

I am strugglin to put in to words at how aggravated I am.I have had problems on my left side for years . About 3 weeks ago I thought I was having a stroke when my left side of my face went crazy . Then the last 4 days have been complet hell. Falling down, stumbling, extreme pain, cant remember words or even what I was talking about, extreme sweating and I mean extreme, also the shaking is so bad. I have no insurance so having trouble getting anyone to even care to help. Btw , there a lot more symptoms it appears. My family is freaking out watching me be in such pain .

Any ideas of how to help my situation would be oh so AWESOME

Cory said...

Tom, I'm really sorry to hear about the issues you are having. I know it can be extremely stressful for everyone when MS flairs up. My wife has had a few of the issues you are talking about, but I've never heard of the extreme sweating. I know her MS affects one side of her body more than the other. For her, a pro adjuster chiropractor is the first place we go. As soon as she is adjusted, she always is better. We have also had a lot of success with therapeutic massage and of course diet and rest. Shoot me an email with what you've tried and maybe some of our experiences can help you. My email is

sheena bulsara said...

Thank you for writing this I have been feeling exactly like this for 4 days now and was wandering what i should do especially because i am not taking any treatment

robert mckenzie said...

Tom Peters. I had exactly! The same symptom..i thought I had a stroke..left side facial droop..but I also had excruciating pain with intense muscle spasticity and cramping. I am 38 years now..diagnosed 2012..had a lot of lesions from the start..
I was also in ur shoes with no insurance. There are ALOT of resources available..for MRI s ..and limited funding for misc things..
I was fortunate to hook up with assistance for free from my necessary treatments. Also free tysabri from the manufacturer (7,000 a month)
MMSA National multiple sclerosis society. MYMSTEAM (new social site for Ms persons.)
There's so much more...internet! Search...and facebook has LOTS of supports
There's ALOT to learn about this complicated disease. Stay on course stay strong outlooks are better than they've ever been!