Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spinning Head With MS

Yesterday my wife woke up feeling pretty good, other than an unsettled stomach. She met me for lunch and right after she arrived home, her head started spinning and she began to vomit. She wasn't able to leave the bed for the rest of the day, with her head spinning. By mid afternoon her head hurt so bad that she wasn't able to sleep, and she was trying everything to relieve the pain and spinning. She wasn't able to sleep well through the night, and woke up feeling worse. From the time the spinning started, her body struggled to regulate her body temperature. She would become overheated easy which made the feelings of sickness even worse.

This morning I offered to take her to our Pro Adjuster Chiropractor and she felt like she would get better as the day went on. Around lunch time she showed up at my office struggling to stay on her feet, dizzier than the day before. We immediately contacted the Chiropractor and headed the 2 hours to see him. He adjusted her in about 10 minutes and she began to feel the rush of blood flow and feeling spread through her body and head. After about 10 minutes her headache had subsided to a dull pain and her dizziness was almost gone. After another 30 minutes we were sitting in a restaurant eating, with her continuing to feel better, laughing and talking like nothing was wrong. It still amazes me that a simple adjustment can radically change her well being.

While at the Chiropractor's office I spoke with him about the CCSVI research I have been studying. I explained the lack of blood flow due to twisted veins, especially the jugular veins, and asked him how the adjustments might affect this issue. As we talked about my wife's specific issues he adjusted each time she visited, he pointed out that the C1 and C2 vertebrae were always an issue for her. He explained to me that the jugular vein can easily be affected by these two vertebrae and that today was no exception. He also explained that a Chiropractor adjusts to affect nerves, but an Osteopath adjusts for blood flow. We talked for some time about how both of these issues, nerves and blood flow, are affected by adjustment and how my wife can see such drastic results from the adjustments time and time again. I am definitely not a doctor, and I am only passing along what this particular Chiropractor spoke to me about, but it sure does seem to make sense after he explained how the adjustments could be affecting the blood flow and potentially a CCSVI issue. We will continue to work with Chiropractic care until we decide whether we are going to pursue the Liberation treatment. I can honestly say that we are very excited about the future and my wife's health, and am very pleased with the current treatments we have found to help along the journey.


Anonymous said...

A friend just recommended your blog. I cried when I read many of the posts... it is my family. When I read this post, I know these symptoms. I also have them, for me they are a type of migraine.
Thanks for you thoughts about MS, you do understand.

Cory said...

Hey Anonymous, thanks for the thoughts. This is such an emotional topic because as you know, it is our daily lives. MS doesn't take a day off, and we don't get to take a vacation from it. I hope our blog has helped you know that you are not alone. Please let me know if there are any questions you may have, and you are always welcome to email me directly at

Athena said...

I've been following your blog for a few months and I'm absolutely amazed that your love and compassion for your wife. I too have a chiropractor who is wonderful and helps me more than my neurologist it seems. I'm curious your wife on any injections or maintenance medications?

Cory said...

Hey Athena, thanks for the comment. No, my wife is not on any injections or medications. We have felt that we could treat the disease as well with natural therapies without all of the side effects. My wife's biological mother (she's adopted), also has MS and has been on the MS medications most of her life. Honestly, when we are doing the right things we seem to have as much or more success than those we know who are taking the meds. It definitely was not an easy decision, especially when she was numb from the chest down, but through consistent successes, we have found the natural treatments to be our best route. If you have an specific questions you can always email me at