Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 1 Juice Cleanse with Multiple Sclerosis

Our first full day of our juice cleanse is done and over. We started the day with a large glass of green juice that included kale, celery, ginger, carrots and cucumbers. I wondered how this would taste since I am not a fan of celery or real veggie tasting drinks. The smell wasn't too bad and the taste was actually pretty good. We both drank about 60 oz of juice yesterday, along with a cup of detox tea and some coconut water. We aren't huge fans of the taste of coconut water, but it is rich in Potassium and electrolytes and was suggested as a great supplement for hydration. I was pretty hungry most of the day but my wife was actually full enough that she didn't drink all of her juice.

She felt great all day and had plenty of energy. She is dealing with some allergy issues right now, but other than that she felt really good. For me, it was a rough day. I was dragging all day with hunger pains and a dull headache. I was even light headed but it didn't seem to affect my wife in that way. By the evening, I was feeling so bad that I decided to eat a salad and see if that helped. My wife didn't give in but ended the evening with some homemade almond milk to hold her through the night. We both found ourselves running to the bathroom often with all of the extra liquid in our systems. :)

This is a learning lesson for both of us as we try to listen to our bodies and detox. We know from past experience that when my wife's body was full of parasites and wasn't eliminating properly, she was having MS issues. This year we hope to create our own plan to keep our bodies detoxed and our systems clean. Day 1 wasn't great for me, but if this is what needs to be done to find some healing for our bodies, then it is well worth it. We talk all the time about the things we can control, and this is one of them. If we feed our bodies properly then we will see the results of that, and we will be healthier.


triplerainbow said...

Cory, Have you continued your wife's care with Dr. McDougall?
He was named by Dr. Swank to continue his work. He considers Dr. Swank his mentor.
His diet is a bit more restrictive than Dr. Swank's original diet but lots of MS patients have had terrific benefits. Google Dr McDougall. On his website is a very good video on the scientific
facts about MS. Very best, Mary

Cory said...

Hi Mary, no we haven't gone to Dr. McDougall, and I wasn't aware of him carrying on Dr. Swanks work. I studied his diet some time ago, and also have looked through his information in the past but haven't looked through any of it recently. I will have to take a look again. Thanks for the comment.