Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year With Multiple Sclerosis

Well, 2012 is here and with it new joys and challenges. Who knows what kind of discoveries will happen this year with MS treatment and what lives will be restored through those discoveries. With a new year comes new hopes and dreams, which I know my wife has already started working on her goals for 2012. We have already found a new Naturopath we are going to see this year, and I know my wife has her eyes set on running a 5k this year. As we look forward we can't help but look back at 2011.

The end of 2011 brought all kinds of MS issues and new challenges. For the last 8 months we have lived in Kansas, and every time we move it brings with it new challenges and a new learning curve for my wife's MS. Over the last few months she has fell more than any other time in our marriage. We are not sure what is causing her to drag her leg so much, but we have been very concerned because the last time she fell, she fractured a small bone in her hand that is still causing her pain.

In addition to the falling, she has struggled with some other odd symptoms. For over a week she would wake up every morning to an upset stomach. After being sick for a few hours, it would all pass and she would spend the rest of the day with a little queasiness. The other symptom that we have noticed is eye sight issues. We've noticed her eye sight is better some days than others. For instance, last week we painted our daughters room and my wife didn't notice that she was leaving paint runs on the wall because she couldn't see them. This really surprised me because she is very detailed and painting has been a strength for her. I know it frustrates her when she struggles to do things that she has been able to do for years.

So, as we look forward we have to look back and learn from our experiences. We have huge hopes and dreams for this year and we are both committed to doing whatever we need to do to make those dreams come true. Our hope is also for all the readers of this blog to find some hope and healing through our experiences and life. May your 2012 be amazing and you find some peace in the chaos that is MS.


Andrea said...

Thanks for writing Cory. I have ms, started experiencing 3/4 body numbness this Christmas and went looking for some answers. I appreciate your honesty, I wish my partner understood ms the way you do. I hope your wife is feeling much better soon. May this year be special for you both.

Diverp said...

Hi. Just came across your blog and started reading what you guys have dealt with. My wife was diagnosed with MS about a year and a half ago, but has had some symptoms of it going back several years. Odd enough, my sister also has MS, but much more advanced. My wife is taking the meds for it, but I have my own opinions about the meds. She was getting numbness quite often a year ago and that seems to be a bit better now. Her vision has changed and keeps changing. The thing that is more obvious lately is how many things she drops. She just doesn't have the motor control as well as she used to. I would bet that I am not a "doting" kind of husband, but defintely try to look out for her the best I can. I remember going to her first MS doctor who was more of a clinical older doctor than one with any kind of bedside manner. He wouldn't answer her questions, etc. Man, I couldnt help myself and lit this guy up about his utter lack of patient skills. Anyways, I hope you guys are doing well. Thanks for blogging. Its interesting to read about similar trials and tribulations.

Bob said...

Hey Cory, falling is where my wife was a while before we found out she has MS. Sue would drag her feet, so she borrowed my walker to help her. The dragging was mainly her right leg but, later affected her left leg. Yes eye sight is a issue with MS. and on days Sues eyes were messed up, she would just listen to the radio.

I'm also praying towards a cure for MS. cause 2011, was a lousy year for both of us. I'll tell you this much though, we find our best peace comes from Jesus, and when we talk about Him also when we do Bible study between us alone.

May the Lord grant you peace and comfort. My prayers are going out for both of you.

Britt Foodies said...

Thank you so much. I went for my first real evaluation this morning, it is my 30th birthday and I am one year into my diagnosis. I have been thinking BACK a lot, sometimes it helps, sometimes it makes it more difficult. I cannot tell you how helpful, hopeful and enjoyable this blog has been. I share your wife's desire to run a 5K, but I am trying to understand what it means to start small....I am a conquerer, so I like to start BIG, but I am finding that can no longer be my normal....something new, but something great I am sure!

Dianna said...

Hi Cory,
Wow, Let's see ..I was diagnosed with MS by a Neurologist in Ca the year 2006 and she told me I would be in a wheel chair in two years...Well, here I am in Hawaii fighting the WHOLE NINE YARDS ,I am tough as nails and NOT in a wheel chair,I Thank God for carrying me through each day,making me get up out of bed and and working this body he gave me,..I garden all year round, I raise farm animals for therapy, I am always active! I rarely take a daily nap...Now, the old heart is catching up with me and that's ok..I take small breaks ..and get right back up! Nothings going to keep me down, guess I am just tough and my husband is a 100 percent behind me supporter ..all the way! I don't believe I could do this without God or him..:) I am taking a HUGE trip to see my kids and Grandkids for the summer ..yes, on my own, and that will be a challenge, but with God anything is possible ...and with family it's even more possible! You, Cory are a great husband and supported and I know your wife loves you for that, keep up the awesome job God gave you! God Bless you and your family and have a great Summer!